Furniture placement dilemma

tiabellaDecember 8, 2012
Couches in the picture are going, they are super worn out. Would like to get a sectional with chaise lounge and place it along the window wall and have the chaise lounge part where the chair currently sits. Can't decide between black or white, or possible a cream/brown color? Also, I have no idea what to do with the areas on each side of the fire place, especially on the right hand side. Maybe matching tables or book cases? Would like to put a nice chair in the right hand corner as well. The only piece of furniture in the room that I want to keep is the chest and the lamp in the corner. Thoughts? The kitchen is directly behind the chair with light maple cabinets, dark grey/black counters and light grey floors. The walls are also a light grey.
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For a sectional, I would go with either a cream or gray, not a brown or white. Either the cream or gray would work well with your existing colors. If wanted to do a dark gray that would work as well. I think tables or half bookcases or cabinets would work to either side of the fireplace. I think a chair on the right would work well perhaps with a lamp on the table/shelving cabinet unit next to it. I think you could use more color and pattern in the room. Perhaps in the chair on the right side, a rug to anchor the room - your trunk is great, or perhaps in drapes behind the new sectional. If possible would have the sectional pulled out a bit, so there could be room for drapes which would work well here.
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Thanks for the input :) I was hoping to buy a patterned arm chair for the one corner and then have the throw pillows on the couch match, I'd like to either go with yellow or blue as an accent color. I've been looking at sectionals for awhile and can't seem to find one in grey, it needs to be leather as we have two big dogs.
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If going with a leather, I would go for a lighter or medium shade cream or gray, nothing too dark. Think yellow would work particularly well with the gray and blue with the cream. If wanted to keep things kind of simple with colors but add to the room, you could perhaps add a sisal or seagrass natural type of rug which would look good with the trunk and drapes in a gray to coordinate with the wall color, bringing in color in the chair, pillows, throws, art and other accents. Love the windows, molding and fireplace - you have a good base to work with - good luck with the shopping!
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Isn't a rug on top of carpet kind of silly? My husband is open to the idea of changing the carpet out for hardwood to match the banister but we'd need to keep carpet on the stairs, do you think having carpet on the stairs but nowhere else downstairs would look silly? We most likely need to replace carpets anyways. Should I be trying to match the banister to the floor or go with something totally different?
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If you're thinking of changing out the carpet I wouldn't get a rug. Only suggested the rug as I thought it might help define the seating area space. It depends on the carpet and rug but can often work well with low pile carpets in neutral colors like yours. If going with hardwood, no problem at all having a carpet on the stairs but not on the floor. If thinking of hardwood, I would work to match it with the railing but also any other natural wood you have, for instance the wood that you have in your kitchen cabinets. It doesn't have to match exactly, but it does have to go with the woods you're keeping.
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Manon Floreat
I think your proposed furniture arrangement would work well. An arm chair in the corner (to the right of the fireplace) with a side table and table lamp would be great.

Hardwood floors would also be very nice. As emzc suggested, selecting a finish that compliments your cabinets and/or railing will give the space a sense of cohesion. Then add fabulous area rug to define the seating area.

Below are a few furnitute options for you. The sofa is from Room and Board. It's leather and the color is called "Lil Fawn". The accent chair is from Side table is from Crate and Barrel.
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Love that sofa, but I'm in Canada and the shipping costs on most of those things are pretty ridiculous. I'm sure if I look around long enough and be patient I can find something similar here.

What do you think of this chair for the space? I would aslo like to replace the frames along side the tv with large prints more centered on each side.
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