need to add on to the existing oak hardwood floor and don't want to refinish entire floor.

penn interiorsDecember 9, 2012
In the process of a redesign, two built in cabinets are to be removed leaving sections of exposed area which were not covered with the oak hardwood as installed in the remainder of the room. 18" X 48" sections need to be added to existing floor without refininshing entire floor area. The 3/4" oak flooring reached under the cabinets by 3/4" all around. How can this be done? I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks very much!
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If you don't refinish your floor, it will be impossible to match it exactly, unless you're able to pull existing wood from a closet or other hidden space. However, a good installer can get quite close to the color and it will match perfectly when you decide to redo the entire floor. Look for an installer who is wiling to really work hard to make the repair match as closely as possible. Don't let them just tell you they can't match it or cut pieces all the same length to fill in the hole. To do it properly, they'll need to cut back some of the existing wood and weave in the new with staggered joints to keep your eye from seeing the single straight line on a floor of random lengths. You will see some nail holes as some of the boards will have to be face nailed at the edge of the repair.

The installer will match the wood as closely as possible as to size, profile, grain pattern etc and then work on matching the existing wood by matching stains. We typically take a collection of different colors of stain and mix as needed to try to match up to the existing. If it is an oil-based finish, you will want to go ahead and completely finish a test sample before agreeing to the stain color as the oil base finishes add a yellow to orange tint to the floor.
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