Integration of shed roofs....main house and garage

wjspencerDecember 18, 2012

I am new here. I am in the beginning stages of building a small house on a small lot. I wish to use a shed roof design for a contemporary feel. I hope to have a shed roof garage and shed roof home hooked together with a breezeway and I am struggling trying to create an integrated look that I like. I have some basics done but am sorta stuck aesthetically. Anyone here have any related experience that could be shared?
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Have you searched the photo section on Houzz for shed roofs? You might find some inspiration.
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1st define what you mean by shed roof. For example a clear story roof shown below is the meeting of two sheds at different heights. In this case since a garage is normally smaller than the main house the scaled down heights in the garage would be easy to integrated with a semi-flat shed walk.
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Hi, when I say "shed roof" I am referring to a roof like those posted above or like this one from Fabcab's website (see attached). I need to put together a garage and small home with this type of roof design and somehow connect them with a breezeway. So the garage would be a 24'x26' structure and the house would be a 45'x26' structure, a 3 / 12 pitch is my goal. These two structures would be connected at an off angle. (See attached 2nd image) The problem is that I don't want any flat roofed areas as it's a heavy snow area and I want the integration to look good architecturally. I am finding it difficult to integrate these roof in a manner that looks good. The front of the structures would have walls about 8' and the rear would face the view, be glassy and have about a 15' height. Any thoughts out there?

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Hi, just saw this. If you haven't figured out a solution yet,let us know, as we've designed garages to complement FabCabs for clients.
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Do you have plans to publish any photos of the matching garages as built or any renderings that match your existing Timbercab designs? I am considering relocating to the the Puget Sound area and with this weather it seems a matching garage/larger shop would be essential. Love your work.
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Absolutely, we've applied the FabCab design considerations to garages and even guest houses for a consistent look. In October we'll have photos of a home with carport so you can see how that looks! If you mail, we'll send you snapshots of earlier projects.
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