germinating patchouli seeds

anakei_36November 28, 2004

Hi guys,

I have just bought a small packet of patchouli seeds from a market stall. Unfortunately, the lady selling them did not have any idea about the conditions required to germinate them, light, dark, temperature etc. Can any body tell me the best way to germiate them? As there are only a few seeds I don't want to experiment. The packet smells strongly of patchouli, so I am sure that it is the true herb. (or spice?)


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I can't stand the perfume of patchouli. Probably because it reminds me of dirty old hippies who think that it covers BO and enables them not to have to wash. hehe.. for for the excursion.

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I wouldn't have a clue, so I did a search on google for "patchouli growing" - there's a site called and it appears to have some info about growing it. Good luck!
PS Jamus, know what you mean about the hippies. But I still like the scent of it!

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I like the scent of Patchouli, but it seems to trigger my asthma as an incense. No other incense affects me this way.

And I'm surprised at the intolerance of some people! We live in a very nasty world indeed!

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Well, thanks for that, but it doesn't really help with the problem! I have done a search on the internet, but while there is plenty of info about growing the established plant, I can't find anything about starting seeds. I think I'll just chuck them on the compost heap. Everything grows there!

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Anakei, they grow well from seeds. Just lightly cover your seeds with seed raising mix and keep moist. Just as you'd do with other seeds.

Good luck!

Try this link, there is a little bit of information on this plant.

Here is a link that might be useful: Patchouli

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Raymondo. Just kidding around. Hippies are sweet and everything but lets call a spade a spade. they do stink. LOL

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Thankyou Raymondo for your response to that shmuck Jamus. Read the (my page) bit even more interesting. We have dual income (Barrister and ICU RN) and our children are 13(twins 1 boy and 1 girl) and we are 35. So stop being so narrow minded and snobbish. If you get odd looks at plant fairs etc. it is only because you are too busy walking around with your nose stuck up in the air. If I ever see you at a fair remind me to bump my BMW into your car. LMAO at your wannabe attitude.
Thankyou for the site spatzbear was just what was needed. Going to get some patchouli seeds and grow them. Then I can take them and sprinkle them around in Byron Bay! That way jamus can visit without upsetting his obviously sensative olfactory senses! Grrr I get so mad at people's intolerance.

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Thanks Spatz
We are having a lovely afternoon of rain here, just what the garden needs, and perfect sowing weather. It was the temperature range I was concerned about because some of the more sub/tropical seeds need high temperatures to get going. There was a lot of info on that site and it doesn't seem too hard to grow, if I can only have the patience for it to germinate (three weeks!!)If they're that easy I'll sow them now
Anakei *sniffing her armpits nervously*

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Have fun growing them, Anakei! Looks like a really nice plant. It'll be interesting to hear how it does.

Good to hear about the rain. This spring has been odd, but really quite good for the garden. Everything still looks nice and green.

That site is really quite useful for information on all kinds of plants. Vegies, fruit, flowers, etc.

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happyjaq, please don't be offended. I was only joking. My parents are hippies, as are some of my best friends. It's my warped sense of humour, I suppose what people find funny differs. Have you watched South Park lately?

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OK no offence taken. And yes indeed I have watched South Park recently! VERY SICK HUMOUR INDEED! I am always ashamed that I nearly split my sides laughing.

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I also must apologise if anyone was offended - a bit of a hippie myself, so didn't realise it would be taken so seriously. Sorry.

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Never had luck with the seeds so far, but I have a nice plant, yours on the way Jamus (BTW). Would be interested how you go with the seeds anakei.
Not many hippies around in byron bay, at least not as far as I can see, they are now hiding in the mountains.

Have met so far different hippy classifications, if you can express it like that, but thats humans and if we would be all the same it would be boring.

The only time I ever got very annoyed with hippies was as I saw them swimming in a national park, okay not in the park but in a swimming hole there, under the presence to be "one with nature" and therefore ignoring the signs that in this lake are very rare frogs and therefore no one should swim in it, not to disturb the breeding time of them. Ahhhhhhh

Actually I got descirbed as a hippie and from hippies I got described as conservative: I like it not to be able to be put in a draw.

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When I opened the packet there were some dried seed heads but very little sign of any actual seeds. I sprinkled the seed heads on the potting mix and have kept it moist, but nothing has come up yet and I'm not really expecting any results. I think I'll look for a plant instead. Any ideas where I might find one?

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Hang in there, anakei! They might take a long time. Good luck!
(Sorry, don't know where to get a plant from.)

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this might be out of date !!! but i found the easiest way to get this plant going was to get a few cuttings. i have had 90% success rate - so far ???

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anakei, you can find the plants reasonable at rich farm gardens but the shipping is a little steep. i am just researching the seeds and plants today for hand made soap products. old stinky long haired hippie in carolina.

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anakei, actually i gave you the wrong link. it is the growers exchange. 3 plants for less than $15, not incl shipping. sorry...

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