Grass ID

thefofJune 8, 2014

Found this grass growing in Queensland last summer. Beautiful head to it.
Any ideas, guys?



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Feather-top Rhodes Grass, it's a weed.

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Good one, Tropi., 'cause I got no idea, never seen it before, but then I'm an oooold city-slicker.!

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Thanks, Tropi. I guess that this must be an immature inflorescence. I have seen many specimens of windmill grass around, but never paid much attention to them. A grass is a grass, is a grass, etc. This one just stood out

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I do a lot of work on weeds, particularly tropical ones. Although this one is fairly widespread. Sometimes I wish I didn't know so much about them. Then I wouldn't be spending so much time trying to rid my place of what many people think are "only just plants".

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The lot of the gardener, T., my main problems are 'Farmer's friend' (cobbler's peg), Wandering Jew and onion weed; the rest I can keep under control with Zero 490. Oh, and also common couch, and in the lawn, bindies!

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