Icestone kitchen counters?
December 29, 2012
We're starting to think of a kitchen remodel, and I've just come across icestone. Can you tell me anything about it? Price? Durability? Any pros or cons?
Thanks for your help!
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Noz As A Service
Hi Alice, I've not used Icestone personally, but what I've heard about it is that it's somewhat affordable (but you'd probably need to have it sealed -- it's a little more porous than other manmade countertop materials), and reasonably durable -- but again without sealing it, you could stain it potentially. The major pro is that it's very sustainable and lots of LEED-certified public buildings have used it.

Have you seen samples of Icestone vs. the other materials you're considering for your remodel? You could probably get a small sample, and do a bit of testing (spilling wine, leaving a cold glass of water on it, etc). Good luck with the kitchen remodel!!!
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One of my friends lost her home in Hurricane Sandy. She's replacing the old granite countertops with icestone in pure white; it sounds gorgeous!

I'm pretty sure we'll end up with laminate, since we've decided we want to extend the kitchen 6 or 8 feet into the yard and it would save us some money. I've seen some Formica and Wilson stuff that's gorgeous!
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Interiors International, Inc.
I would use one of the other quartz tops until the get the staining problem solved. Constant sealing is a pain you might as well use white marble. It takes the same amount of maintenance.
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Thanks, I'll pass the info on to her.
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