rockinbearsDecember 31, 2012
Hi...few pics here of the old rug (off white shag) and the new rug (i'm hating all this color on the floor.) I want the artwork to be the focal point of the room and think the rug should be very plain, but my husband is in love with this new rug. Need professional opinions, please!! Thanks!!
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Well, the colors and the stuff you have in the room are fighting each other in too little space. Adding a busy rug isn't going to help I don't think. The artwork and the couch colors go together well, but the beiges and whites don't.

Will your husband consider some colorful pillows instead or maybe a more neutral rug with a colorful border? It looks like he loves deep rich earth tones, A sisal rug or something softer in warm tones might work, but in a warm, yellowy tan or beige, maybe darker tones, not pinky beige like the old one.

Also, the walls are too beigey green and need either to go to a darker green, such as is in the artwork, or a carmel type color to harmonize with the artwook and the couch. A darker color will make the art seem less heavy and totally overwhelming for the fireplace. Then I would move all the stuff off of the mantel, and off the top of the entertainment center too if you could, and consider adding bookcases (if you have room, which it looks like you don't). I would also painting a dark chairrail at mantel height to make the bottom visually heavy enough to hold up the art, maybe with a larger chunky dark mantel and wider surround for the fireplace to tie it all together. Maybe the gaming stools can go on each side. Two would be easier to work with than 3.

Can you move the couch out a bit. It looks very crunched up in there. Even a foot or less can help.

If I could, I would paint the trim a creamier antique white color too--more like the color of the stools..
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I agree that the print rug is fighting your art. I agree with victorian in that maybe a rug in warmer tones might appeal to both of you. A solid color, though.
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Peg Silverwood
The art work it pretty large and as said above the colors are fighting each other in the room. reposition the art work so it is off of the Mantel sitting the bottom of the artwork just level with the light switch since you can't move the switch. Remove the pictures on the mantel and in their place look for some nice votive s or low style larger candles. 4 nice size ones across the mantel will give it a cleaner look. Scale will be the key. Pay attention to that.
change the color of your walls to warmer brown tones. It does not have to be dark, just in the same color family as your furnishings. the white will pop if you do this. Add large size pillows on the sofa and look for some unique floor lamp that would fit nicely at the end of the sectional closest to the fireplace. There are a lot of large rectangular pieces in the room the color change is going to help. look for barrel shaped chair to be put over off from the fireplace and entertainment center. That is a start.
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Thanks, all. Appreciate the thoughts and advice. Peg, question...wouldn't moving the artwork down make the room look smaller? I had heard that you should hang your art to take advantage of the ceiling height? Also, the large photos are gone, now :)
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Peg Silverwood
No it will not. Right now it looks too high. Are they separate pieces? If so, it would be interesting to space them apart some. what is currently on the mantle is competing with the focal point. low large round candles on low candle pedestals would enhance the look.
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Art should be hung so the midpoint of the work is around 60" off the ground. There are exceptions but that rule I think applies here.
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