Need help for exterior the our house.

susan53021January 2, 2013
We just bought a home that needs lots of work. I am looking for idea's on how to make the exterior look nicer. The garage will be torned down and replaced, but the breeze way and the exterior are just ugly. Would stuccoing part of the house look nice?
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Nice house. I like the white trim. I like these exterior shingles for entire house:
Exterior · More Info

The right side of house that does not have the window looks slightly off balance. Can you add matching windows on right side? Or move left side windows to the center of that area?

Other photos of shingled house here:
Project: Grand View Cottage · See Project
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I like those shingles! The window that is off balance will be centered and the windows on the left will be changed to a window seat type of window. Any suggestions on the exterior of the breezeway and garages, stone, stucco, siding? The roof will also be replaced, would a metal roof or shingles look better and what color? Sorry, I am not very good at decorating.
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The breezeway wouldn't be bad if it were what it claims to be. Consider how to make it an actual screened or open breezeway to sit on or to keep you dry while going to the garage. Meanwhile, to make things look nicer and in prep for spring yard work, pull up the low boxy hedges.
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Interiors International, Inc.
Please do not stucco that house. The shingles are a great idea. If you don't want the maintenance you can use the Masonite ones. These come prefinished (best choice) many color to choose from. Or you can paint them the color you want. Here is a picture of the new cabin I am building. It has the all Masonite siding shingles,lap siding and panels. I love that I will not need to paint for 20 years. It is still under construction so please look past the mess.
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Here's are examples of a combination of cedar shakes, metal roofing and stonework on the house. It would be pretty on yours.
From Kids to Quiet · More Info
Entry courtyard garden. · More Info
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Custom Home Planning Center
The garage door should go to the carriage house type. The foyer can be don with posts with glass mortised into the posts.(eliminate the walls if you need a door add it to the side of the garage). Replacement patio glass units are the least expensive for the glazing.
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Custom Home Planning Center
To get the best use of this site each area should be address in it's own discussion. Show the space and a sketch of the final wall locations and measurements if possible
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If you move the window, you are going to have to patch the brick. Can you get matching brick?
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Yes, we will have brick left from the breeze way we are taking down, We are also moving the door from the breeze way into the house, so that whole area will be taken down.
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Your garage dominates the picture, but I suspect some of that is landscaping. We repainted our house and the garage, which had white doors, looks far more elegant with doors the color of the house. I'd seriously consider changing your garage doors for a better color and style.

I think the mellow honey color of your house is really nice. Stucco would not improve it. You could put a vine or columnar tree in front of the blank wall near your breezeway.

The next thing you should to is orient your landscaping so your front door and not the garage is the focus of your house. Put a wide path in and delineate it with plants.
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Joseph I. Mycyk Architects, Inc.
This has the potential of being a great fun project.
I am trying to understand why you are taking down the enclosed breezeway. Are you planning to keep the garage detached? I think you would be better served if you did some renovation whole exterior and keeping an enclosed connection between the house and garage. Of course, depending on what your interior plans are the exterior can change in shape/volume, windows and doors, exterior skin.

I don't see this house being a stucco house. My initial thought is fiber cement siding or shingles. Maybe a band of stone veneer.

I think an entrance canopy with a serpentined walkway would do a lot to take away attention from the garage. But remember, the key is to not just take away the attention from the garage, but to make the whole exterior work as unified composition. That also includes some new landscaping.
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Speaking of landscaping, if i may... You have a really nice expansive front which is a nice opportunity for a Circular driveway which may take away from the garage.
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Joseph, the breeze way is being taken down, but we are putting something else in its place, I liked the glass enclosure that, Custom Home Planning Center, above suggested. The garage will be taken down and we plan on having a garage built in its place that faces the street like it is now, but there will also be 3 more garages behind it, that will not be seen from the street. I also like the carriage house type garage doors that were suggested. All the windows and doors are going to be replaced as well. The landscaping is in my plans as well, the bushes in front will be removed as well as the tree on the left. I do like the idea of making the walkway to the door larger. Any thoughts on colors?
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