Need ideas for outdoor patio area

suepapinsearsJanuary 3, 2013
We want to design an extension to the existing porch. What's covered by roofing is too narrow to put a dining table. I want the table to be protected from the elements, in that I want a roof of sorts. We don't necessarily want that roof to span the entire porch, as we think it would make it too dark inside of the house. The limestone wall to the left of the porch was built to hide the pool pump and reduce the noise. Probably the porch extension would come out that far. Thanks in advance for your ideas!
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Red Rock Pools and Spas and Red Rock Contractors
Not sure what questions or answers you are looking for. You could surely extend the patio. You will have to rework a lot of the roof in order to make sure it ties in properly. I am not sure where you are located. It looks (from your roof pitch) that you might be in an area that receives snow. If snow is not a concern, you could work in a flat roof section with large skylights to keep from the patio from being to deep and dark.
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Adding to the roof would be costly and cumbersome looking. Have you considered an arbor with transparent or translucent panels between the ceiling joists. Look on houzz search arbors. I'm sorry I do not have a picture but have seen them on this site. They really add a great look to a patio.
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The house is in central Texas. It snows, but not often. My dilema is that I want a roof, but you both right in that it will look dark and cumbersome. What I don't like about transparent panels is that they tend to look so dirty after awhile. I will look for arbor pictures....
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Have you already looked into Sunsetter Awnings? No, I don't work for them, but I'm considering them for my backyard. The awnings are retractable so in bad weather you just pull them in, and then put them out when you need the shade. Here's a link:
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Good suggestion for shade, we have one over our deck and love it, but it should be noted that these retractable shades are not meant to be deployed during rain and can be damaged if left out when it is windy.
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Oops, please excuse olldbobbi, if I had read your comment more carefully I would have seen that you covered the bad weather aspect and that my comment was redundant, but I do second your idea. The retractable awning is a great way to have shade when you need it but not permanently reduce the amount of light coming into the house like a porch structure would.
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Pergola from the pitched roof to the second column. Clad the base in stone and keep the pillars white
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We considered "pavilion from pitched roof to first column, pergola from there to second column, lattice type columns. I guess my main "want" is to keep this dining table outside in all weather, and the only way to do that without ruining the table is to keep it under a roof.
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