Paint color and accessories suggestions? Need to liven up my powder room!
January 3, 2013
Hi, I painted my powder room yellow when I first moved in. Working on painting the whole house, and this room need a fresh coat. After living with it for some time, I decided I don't really like the color, but I can't pinpoint why. I like the yellow - maybe this yellow is just the wrong one? It's Behr Saffron Sands. I love my accessories- the green towel and rug, brown mirror and pictures (will post those pics this evening), but something about the color I just don't like. When I use the powder room I feel like i am in a circus and I feel confined, and want to hurry up and get out! Is it because as paint novice's we painted the ceiling in yellow as well?

I want the opposite feel for my powder room - warm, inviting, rich-looking. I want that WOW factor. I also want my browns and greens to pop. The powder room is an important room in the house to me - it gets used so often, and it's one of the first things people notice when they ask to use the restroom LOL.

After research here are my thoughts:
1) paint a lighter yellow stripe around the room at above eye level to break up the monotony of the color.
2) paint it a bright sunny yellow - BM copacabana, counting stars
3) paint it a warm gold - like Benjamin Moore Ochre, re-paint the ceiling white or ivory and paint the trim in the same color.
4) paint it some other color

Please help fellow Houzzer's!
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Hi, the yellow you have is a bit 'mustard-ish'. I agree with a softer yellow and perhaps it would be helpful if you show more views of the bathroom as well.

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Personally, I think it's just the color of this yellow. I think you need to choose a lighter color
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I agree that a lighter, cooler yellow might be just the ticket. I really like small powder rooms done in deeper brights, too, so maybe you could go with something daring like a deep blue with sunny yellow accessories.
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thanks for the ideas. Dytecture - you hit it on the head - it is a mustard yellow. I think i was going for a softer buttery or golden yellow. I will add more pics this evening so check back! zx10grrrl that is a great suggestion as well. I will keep you guys posted!
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I noticed a couple of things for when you paint. First and foremost use a matte finish not one with a gloss. Matte is washable and doesn't reflect light so the color is truer and wall imperfections don't show. Second, take off or tape around the towel bar and other accessories on the wall before you paint. You shouldn't see a band of white where it is not painted.

Look at these colors: Lilly Pad 480 Paint, Celadon Green 2028-60 Paint, Hawthorne Yellow hc-4 Benjamin Moore.

I would do the ceiling in a white flat.
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People look sallow or yellowish in this color. A color for powder rooms should be something that flatters people's skin tones. Steer clear of brown or muddy undertones, and go for pink bases that enhance a healthy look.
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Rio Brewster
I agree that painting the ceiling white is a good start. I second zx10grrrl. I've used both deep blue (Valspar Deep Peri WV41011) and rich red (RL Balmoral Red) in small bathrooms and both were stunning with white ceilings, white fixtures and tall white base board.
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As promised.... Here more pics from different angles.
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Rio Brewster
Part of your problem is that the floors clash with the paint color. Use a warmer tone on your walls - peachy yellows like the Hawthorne above will be better. Or consider going chocolate brown with creamy white trim. You will be surprised how rich your artwork will look on a darker color. Just make sure you have bright enough lights. A light-colored ceiling will keep it from feeling like a cave.
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thanks Rio! I definitely in love with the Hawthorne yellow! A warmer tone + white ceiling = success in my book LOL! Off to Benjamin Moore I go!
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Flat paint in bathrooms without a shower is fine, otherwise flat is NOT that washable, it burnishes when using deep colors. Use a kitchen and bath paint in a satin sheen, easily wiped n holds up to steam.
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Margaux Gonyea
Check out this ideabook for some fresh ideas for your powder room, hope it helps! Let us know how it turns out

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thanks for the ideabook Margaux! Those are some great colors. I will let you know how it turns out.
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Hi---I am in total agreement with you-the yellow has got to go. 4 colors for you-all Ben Moore-all warm, rich/creamy, and inviting---your guests may never leave the bathroom. :)
Northhampton Putty HC-89, Crown Point Sand HC-90, Bennington Gray HC-82, and Grant Beige HC-83. Pick up the chips and see which of those hues look best with your Floor... Paint the ceiling: White BM.
Good Luck!
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paint 1' by 1', or up to 3' by 4' boards to check your short listed colours.
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The yellow you've chosen doesn't look right with your shiny brass towel bars. I'd go with a completely different color for a nice change. Possibly a sage green that would allow you to keep the art, towels and look better with the brass.
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leelee, this is another oldie
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