Lakeside home exterior tear down help needed
January 4, 2013
We just purchased this 1969-built lakeside home in Wisconsin. The lake (10 feet away) is to the left of the picture. Many aspects of this home are out of code, and we are ready to replace the upper cedar siding and add something to the lower concrete block. The rotting deck runs around the entire house. Ideas? Also, the previous owners used the upper right sliding door as the front door, but I think first time guests wouldn't be able to know where to go. The main living is on the second floor, while the first floor (currently) behaves like an unfinished basement, even though it's not below grade. Help!
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Dar Eckert
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Here's a few photos to ponder. I'm assuming your interested in staying with the contemporary style of the home. Lots of options and budgets. Here's a couple of thoughts I learned from our lake place.
1. make sure the railings on the deck don't interfere with the view of the lake so plexiglass or cable would not block the view. 2. There are a lot more insects near the lake so use siding that can be easily cleaned 3. Use products that are low maintenance because you don't want to spend all your time working.
Good luck & have fun!
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Thanks for your ideas. We are thinking that it would be a somewhat contemporary log-ish cabin, as it seems to have been a 1969 take on a German house. (note the fence) The original owner, now in his 80s, was the seller. I'm not necessarily a fan of mid-century modern for this place, but a fresh, updated look would be a way to go.
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Dar Eckert
Will this be a DIY? This was a common ranch house design from early 70's
Check out ranch house makeovers for more ideas here are a few.
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Most of this is DYI. It's a cottage, so we will work on it on weekends. I like the idea of introducing stone. The deck is key to the upstairs living, as part of it, about 15x24, extends over the (almost in the water) boat house. The rest of it is mostly a 4 foot walkway around the house.
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If you had more light to the lower floor, it would stop feeling like a basement. Get rid of any deck that isn't used and get rid of trees that are too close to the house. If your lot is wooded, just get rid of the trees closest to the house. If you have only one or two specimen trees, consider raising the canopy (getting rid of lower limbs, which can't be done with some trees).

On the right side of the house (as pictured) , with the deck and the tree gone, you'd have something that looks more like the first floor and less like basement. I'd consider moving the stairs, too.

Painting the cement deck ceiling (from first floor) and columns white would reflect light and brighten the first floor. If the floor inside is concrete, finish it.
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Interiors International, Inc.
I love the place it looks much like a cabin on my lake in MN. I disagree about moving the stairs or at least if you do leave the opening. It is bringing light onto the wall. I would put a slider right where that light is hitting. That will make that walk out a much brighter place. A stone base covering the block is a great idea. Log on the house will be really odd looking and an overly typical mistake. Unless you change the roof it will look very out of place. I think you should embrace the roof line. There are many choices you could do on the exterior. Cedar siding is nice but a maintenance job constantly. You could do Masonite lap siding in a prefinished color. This gives you the maintenance free (almost) exterior and still looks cabiny. The idea of the railings not blocking the view is a good one. Both choice though are expensive. Here is a picture I did on the cabin I'm build right now. It is Posts with simple galvanized conduit set 4" apart (code requirement). I didn't like the idea of corner posts so we curved the conduit around the corners. Please keep in mind that it is still under construction and the entire place is a DIY project.
I would love to work with you on this project if you need a design professional. I have the ability to come up with inexpensive versions of the pricier options. I am also very practical when it comes to lake homes. I grew up with them and have owned them my entire life. Have fun you are starting with a great place.
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Great comments! We are headed there in a few hours for the weekend, so I'll take another fresh look at everyone's ideas.
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