Need help giving this Beach Cottage curb appeal Any ideas??
January 4, 2013
This a newly purchased Beach house 3 houses from the Ocean I need ideas that would help give it some curb appeal
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Are you in an area that palm trees thrive? Is so, one to the left of the sidewalk by the steps would be nice. If palms aren't for your area, maybe a small flowering tree to give it color.
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Terri Williams
Hi Joybushwell, I would remove the upright evergreen and whatever you have in front of it. Look for something with a little more height, a climbing rose or clematis. Front that with perennial geraniums (not the annual geraniums-really pelargoniums) intersperse with medium high grasses like a liriodendron or a fescue. Consider changing the color schemes on the house. A cooler blue gray with the white trim would be nice. And don't forget the stairs. Are they concrete? Stain them with concrete color. Whimsy is great in a cottage look, consider a rose or lilaq.
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Terri Williams
I wasn't sure if the area to the left of the porch was yours. If so, replace the pavers with local flagstone and put in some of the plants from the front to tie them together.
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Dar Eckert
One long window box along the front overflowing with bright flowers. Find a new spot for the garbage cans.
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Platinum Site Development
Stick with the beach community look, remove the current landscape and replace with ornamental grasses and native low lying planting. Beach houses are typically kept low maintenance.
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thank you for the suggestions ....I am not in a palm tree area house is in South Jersey.. the stairs are all wood. there are zoo many colors out there do you have a cool blue gray in mind. I was also considering getting rid of the garage door as I am going to finish the basement/garage would you leave it or out another window in?
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Terri Williams
I don't have a particular brand/color in mind. I think if you went with a gray with just a touch of blue, like it was wind worn, and picked your favorite it would be great. If you want your house to pop out of the landscape go with a deeper shade, if you want the house to blend in more a lighter shade. Wooden stairs in a similar color, but a little brighter would be terrific. I agree with Platinum Site that a beach house should be low maintenance. But that plants I suggested have a lot of native varieties and perennials add charm and need very little attention. I can't imagine a "cottage" feel with some blooming color.
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Huy Ho
I would say change the white to something more lively and vibrant but use a contrast color for trim and openings. The stone can always be stuccoed over to fit whatever color you decide to paint
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Kim D
Beach house, three houses from the ocean deserves a prettier front door. I think its the law or something....
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Kevin Strader
Planter boxes, either lighter than the siding or the color of the steps. Paint the columns and the area around the barrage door the color of the steps to focus the eye more on the upper area of the structure. A bright color on the door. Just some ideas.
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Have some fun and go completely beach cottage colors. All of these are great shore looks. :)
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Dar Eckert
Love those pale blue colors.
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Lots of white, pink/coral flowers. Maybe a hydrangea, Shasta daisies, Mini fountain grass, hibiscus in a pot, loads of cascading flowers in flower box across the whole frontage under windows. I'd also put narrow flower boxes all along the cinderblock wall between driveways.
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I'd also suggest a coral/pink crape myrtle, but not sure if you have enough room in the front? Maybe in the back garden?
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Craig CraigMDesigns
Have some fun with the color like mforr said! Even a deep coral or yellow door with the sea foams/blues/turquoise . Maybe gradation of color as it goes up the stairs.
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Kaya2nya bsk malem ada yg di potong burungnya sama istrinya
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