Weird space over the (future) fridge

VeronicaJanuary 4, 2013
Hello Houzz-friends! I need some more help. In the new house we're having built, there's this very weird opening over the fridge. I suspect that it is supposed to be cabinets, but it never came up in the conversation in the design center. Our friends who have purchased the same model as us are a little further along in the process, and now we can see that they drywall the opening but there's nothing in it. I need your help with what to do with this very weird space! It is 36" wide by 16" tall by 36" deep at the opening, however, inside it goes up another 6"-12". I'd really like to use this for practical storage, but I'm at a loss as to how to make it accessible, partly because it's so high up to begin with. I'm attaching a mock-up of what that wall looks like including the opening (forgive the quality, I'm working with what I have at the moment). Please help me!
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I have a cabinet above my fridge...put things up there I use infreq. I certainly wouldn't drywall over it! You can always use extra cabinet space...even if it is a little awkward to get to.
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Would you use a latticed wine cabinet? Or a platter holder, where the platters sit on their sides?
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I would just put a cabinet over the fridge, going up to the same height as the 42" uppers- it will kind of give the refrigerator that built-in look.
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I think a platter holder would be awkward to get the platters into that high up. But in our over the fridge cabinet we use the bottom half for a wine rack and find it quite convenient.
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Brittany Jackson
I have those two little cabinets above my fridge and my oven and they come in handy to store random things that I don't use very often. If you decide to put cabinets above yours make sure they attach to the cabinets next to them and that they are the same height so that they don't look like an afterthought. Growing up that's where my parents kept alcohol to keep it out of the way of little ones or later bigger kids!
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I would have a cupboard that has the same height as the other cupboards. I have a platter, cookie sheets, trays section above my fridge. I like that because I can reach the bottom of the trays and pull them out, even though I'm short. The other section is used for things I use infrequently, like seasonal dishes, mason jars etc.
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I would not put wine up there! The heat from the fridge would affect the taste of the wine, and not in a good way (heat rises, remember!). Extra storage space is always a good idea, but if it's too difficult to reach you could also use it for some decorative shelves - a tea cup collection or whatever it is that you want to show off but keep out of the way.
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Thank you everyone for your suggestions! I hope I'll remember to post a picture of how it turns out once I get into the house!
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