Any concerns about the cooktop without ventilation?
January 4, 2013 in Photo Questions
I've noticed you've used electric cooktops without ventilation in several of your designs. Obviously, you wouldn't do this if it was a problem, but I was just wondering what your thoughts were on it. Our design includes an island cooktop where we'd rather not use a suspended hood over the island. We're unsure about the value of adding a telescoping ventilator for the cooktop, as we've been told they don't function all that well. Just looking for some reassurance, I guess. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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Futuro Futuro Kitchen Range Hoods

1.) To answer your question whether a kitchen vent hood is a necessity, please check out this article:

2.) You're absolutely correct, downdraft ventilation is not very effective, for several reasons.

3.) There are many range hood designs available with very slim profiles (2" thick or less), that will not obstruct the view but would rather add to the room design. Please feel free to check out our selection of 200+ Italian designer range hoods at our website:

4.) If you absolutely do not want to have anything in the airspace above the cooktop, there are ventilation solutions designed to be built into the ceiling, or a small drop-down soffit (6" - 8" below the ceiling). Take a look at our "Skylight" model, for example:
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Thanks for the thorough and helpful feedback, Futuro Futuro! I did read your '10 Reasons' and can appreciate what they convey. However, even though I do understand your points, I'm still not quite convinced a vent is absolutely needed given our circumstances. In terms of cooktop usage, we're probably in the low-to-mid range of the typical home owner. Our cooktop is electric (so we don't need to be concerned with carbon monoxide), we don't fry at all (no greasy foods in our diet), our kitchen is quite large and completely open to the adjoining family room (so we're not too concerned about steam on our cabinets) and on top of all that, we eat-out quite often.

At this point, we're still leaning toward giving the 'no ventilation' option a try... with the idea of maybe adding-in something like your Jupiter Island Hood later, if it turns out our gut feeling is wrong. Your Skylight model would be preferred, as we really don't want to hang a hood down to the island (just a design preference), but it's out of our budget.

We'd still like to hear from anyone currently using a cooktop without ventilation.
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Futuro Futuro Kitchen Range Hoods
Thank you for your response, Roger. You're right, given your circumstances, kitchen ventilation is not a huge concern - realistically, the only benefit will be fresh air flow and removal of heat & moisture to make the cooking process more comfortable.

If you change your mind, the Jupiter is definitely a good option (one of our most popular models). Also, if the Skylight is out of budget, we also offer the "Insert/Liner" model line, which is designed to fit into cabinetry but can be used in a ceiling/soffit as well, at a price that's about 1/3 of the Skylight.

The "Insert/Liner" models are listed in the "Wall" category of our website,
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Heather Peterson
We are also considering going with an non ventilation system, and adding later if needed. Did you do it? Any problems so far? My only concern is we will have gas cook top .
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Thanks for the comment Heather Peterson. We're moving forward with our plan to go ventless, also with the idea that we can add one later if it turns out it's needed... but our kitchen won't be complete for another couple of months. I'll let you know once we've given it a try.

I believe you may have trouble meeting building code if you plan to go ventless with gas.
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I have a cooktop telescoping ventilator and while it is 17 years old the button top needs replacing and so can be problematic however
when it works it works great and i can place foods i want to cool down at the back so the fan can speed that process up as well
i really like the fans that don't telescope as well that are on either side of the cooktop or just at the back but i can't attest to their functionality
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I would love to hear an update/report from rogerc on the result of going ventless. We have a similar situation, electric cooktop in an island, we boil but do not fry, most of our cooking is done outside on the grill. We would love to remove a large old vent/hood along with a wall partition that obstructs our view. The ceiling is vaulted so any drop down hood would be extra long and in the way. Also, the house is on a slab so there is no way to run a vent underneath to the outside from the island. We're stuck and would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!
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Amber - We have not had any problems at all using our cooktop without ventilation and have no regrets about installing it without a hood.

Keep in mind, we don't do a lot of frying or heavy cooking. Our kitchen is large, with a vaulted ceiling that starts at 10' high along the sink wall and tapers up to 14' foot where it is completely open to the large family room. My point is, there's a lot of open air to circulate.

If time allows, I'd suggest you work in your kitchen for a good while without using the existing hood... just to see if you notice any difference.

Although we like the open feeling of the space, you could always install a hood over the island later if you found you really needed one. Done well (not too wide and obtrusive), I could picture a tall hanging hood as adding a bit of a nice dramatic design element.

Good luck with your remodel!
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These lights are located a little behind the cooktop but evenly spaced on the island. Having lights right over the cooktop may be problematic for cleaning, etc.
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