Something is needed to complete this bedroom.
Jennifer Dewey
January 4, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Painted the walls, made the drapes, picked out some throw rugs, selected a light bedspread but decided although the room is comfortable, there is nothing exciting about the room. I tried placing different colored throw pillows, deep purple, lavender, hot pink and lime green but none of them looked good. Need some other ideas.
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A couple of ideas would be to put a rug under the foot end of the bed - something with colors to pull the room together and add a bench with a solid color cushion to go between your two windows and under the framed pictures. Love the blue you used for your walls!
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Hi---very serene and pretty. From what I can see---(no pic of headboard) you need to add a few more things. Another table and lamp, 2 more rows of mirrors, (1 above, 1 below), a rug with colors of your walls, tile, and wood tones, and you could beef up your drapery rods... OH and Fresh flowers. Hope this is helpful. Good Luck![houzz=]
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Some artwork behind the lamp (s) is a nice touch. Don't be afraid to use substantial pieces. You could also use a larger lamp(s).
Oops, just saw your second pic! Definitely add a 2nd nightstand of the same height and two matching lamps. I also love using euro pillows across the headboard (probably 3 for your bed) and then layering with your queen or king pillows, and an accent pillow. A comforter folded across the bottom of the bed warms up the bed. Good luck and have fun!
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Barnhart Gallery
I'd find a carved console in the same teakish tone for under the mirrors and invite romance with a second nightstand.
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Ekhaya Designs
A rug! That's what you need. You need something plush like a sheepskin rug on either side of the bed or one regular size rug like a wool shaggy rug. sells both kinds. If you want to go for the look but not the real fiber you can get the faux sheep rugs from Ikea. The wall across from the window: center that cabinet and use the flowers in another room. Good luck
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Vickie Hart
I would like to know where you found the mirrors. Thanks!
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You need a rug that picks up both the wall and drape colors. Speaking of..can you open them so more light comes into the room?

The mirrors are lovely, but they aren't reflecting anything exciting. I'm wondering about hanging them down beside the bookcase; spacing them so they end up being the same height. They would reflect the light from the windows.

A narrow bench placed between the windows could be a nice place to put on shoes.

A warm cozy blanket or throw (in a similar color as the drapes) folded across the foot of the bed would be a nice touch

Do you have any of the drapery fabric left over? You could make a couple of throw pillows then toss in a solid.

Hope to see updates!
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Oh my! I thought this had posted a looong time ago. It would have been the first response and there would have been a different picture attached, but I deleted it and added a different one for another post.! Here's what I intended to post..
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Jennifer Dewey
Thanks to everyone. To Vickie, I bought the mirrors at Lowes. They all had different colored frames, so I taped off the mirrors and spray painted the frames with a pewter paint. I have a couple of small throw rugs that match the paint but I'm thinking I need something at the bottom of the bed after reading these posts. I will see how the large bookcase looks on that wall next to the windows prior to moving my mirrors. I only have a small amount of the material left but maybe enough for a small pillow. I was also thinking about purchasing a couple of those pillows that look like flowers in a gray or silver color. Don't think I can make those. @Janishill, I can open the plantation shutters and I normally do. I'll be looking for a bench.
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A rug under bed and maybe a table under the mirrors.
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