Living room furniture doesn't match room it's in
Rebecca BredholtJanuary 5, 2013
Love the wall color but this room feels too cold / doesn't match pottery barn style furniture - any ideas? Just change accents? To what?
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Rebecca, glad I found your updated post with photos. I love the wall color AND your upholstered pieces and tripod lamps. For me the missing element is the softness of drapery panels paired with your shades. Great job so far!
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I actually love the color of this room! For me, I like the lamps- but not necessarily in this room. I think some drapery would also make a huge difference :)
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Mary Koczwara
Everything in the room matches, but maybe too much. You need to inject some of your personality into the room and possibly do a little bit of rearranging.

Try moving the floor lamp over between the two chairs and the round table over to where the floor lamp was located. This will pull apart the "matching" lamps. Arrange a collection of items on the round table. Do you have some old leather-bound books, tall candlesticks, a collection of snow globes or sea shells? Just try to vary the heights of the objects and try find something that isn't red, ivory or tan - again to fight the "matchiness". Look in your closets for that item you love and have been saving to put 'somewhere'. It probably goes in your living room!

If possible, pull the rug straight out away from the window about 12" in order to expand the space somewhat. (It feels a little cramped.)

Since both of the pictures on the wall "match", do you have others you could either replace one of those with or add to in order to add more interest? Do you have any sculptural wall art?

Lastly, try adding some more throw pillows in a different size and a different color from those that you already have. Consider a bold, graphic pattern in leaf green or denim blue or even black and white if you are resistant to adding another color.

You don't have to do ALL of these things. If you like the pottery barn look then you were aiming for clean and streamlined, however, even the pottery barn look accommodates some personal items of interest.

The pictures below contain various elements I've described above. See if there's anything there that appeals to you.

You have selected excellent items thus far. Now you just have to put your stamp on it and make it your own!

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Hi Rebecca. I'd suggest putting both the framed photographs (?) where the glass will not reflect windows, and replacing them with oils or wall hangings. Something earthier in texture and less reflective.
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Gray & Walter, Ltd.
Subtlety patterned batik or linen drapery panels would be a nice addition.
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