Tub or not to tub....THAT is the question
January 5, 2013 in Design Dilemma
We live in a gorgeous chalet on an inland lake in Upper Michigan. With 3 bedroom and 1.5 bath. Problem is we have ONE shower.tub combo that is soon to be upgraded. The half bath has NO room for either shower or tub. I would love to upgrade my main bath to a walk in shower and forget the tub, Do y'all think I would be committing resale suicide to do that or have tubs gone the way of newspapers and buggy whips?m I am thinking river rock and slate walk in shower....I would do a separate tub but there is just not enough room for both and a combo is just not what I want long term.
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there is a prevailing notion that tubs are needed because of bathing babies....I disagree and love my walkin shower....son's new house has a walk in shower ....and lots of compliments from grown ups.
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Would most people who buy this property in the future consider it a vacation/second home or would it be a primary residence?

Regardless, I think you should enjoy your house as you would want it. Just understand that some buyers (namely, families with young children) would probably not want your house in the future.

Also, a full bath is a full bath in the MLS listings--whether it has a tub or not.
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great comments - thanks. One thing that I have thought about is that even though we raised two sons here a lot of parents would not see this house as a family friendly house - it is on a private, quiet lake which some helicopter parents would freak out over as well as decks off every bedroom all of which would be potentially deadly if you fell off of so it may already limit buyers to people w/o younger kids and babies. It could very well be a vacation home for someone from Chicago or Milwaukee - 6 hours south of here but there is a large of amt of maintenance with all the wood decks and gardens. we are seriously thinking about keeping it and buying a second home or condo farther south...IF we can afford that and still retire in a few years so I am inclined to just do what I really want and live here at least in the summers if not year round - I am thinking a walk in shower maybe be a little safer for when we are old geezers too instead of stepping over a tub all the time. I think you have got me feeling more comfortable with going with a walk in shower....and an added urgency to finally get that hot tub for outside...thanks so much!!!!!
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Cancork Floor Inc.
With your "limited" buyers (as you say, HoverCraft parents need not apply) I would say - go with what you want! Make it easy for you and/or the next people in line...which would probably be someone ELSE'S retirement dream! A luxurious walk-in shower would be amazing!

If a family REALLY WANTS IT they will put the tub back in!
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It sounds like someone who would buy that type of property would have the resources to put in a tub if they want one. My vote is create the bathroom how you want to enjoy it unless you know you are listing it in the near future. That being said... I love my tub and would not buy a home that could not fit one in the master bath.
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the house had been built as a retirement home actually. And we bought it from the original owner before we had any kids so I am thinking the people I would eventually market it to would be people with older kids or people with grown or no kids.....and yes - if that was their only objection to the house they can probably redo just that one part and install a bathtub shower combo again....I guess it really comes down to making my house what I want or for the people who buy it in 10 or 15 years.....then I have answered my own question....thanks for the input! Very sound advice!
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My parents took out their tub (they did have one in a guest bath) and made a walk in shower, they have said over and over again that was the best thing they ever did 15 years ago. Now at 80 and 81... I can't imagine if they didn't have it. Def. go for the shower!
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Exactly Azelizaebth - the tub I have now is just a small tub...not very tall but just stepping over that everyday makes me conscious that a higher tub would be that much trickier for an older person to negotiate safely. My husband keeps telling me this house which has three floors is not exactly geezer friendly but at least I could make the shower less dangerous - even if I am only 57 now......plus I LOVE the idea of using river rock as the flooring and with a slate and river rock border and maybe a slatey look ceramic tile. I would also love to get rid of that darn bathmat too. the river rock would so match the nature of my house and its location.
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