Entryway Ideas-First New Home
January 11, 2013 in Design Dilemma
We just bought our first home in suburban NY and have a 1yr old.

Desperately need help adding some life and depth to the entry way. Home was built in 1920's and those that heater will be gone once we convert house to gas in few months.

Color is staying. It is BM smokey taupe.

Entry leads into what will be formal LR. Would like to separate rooms somehow, but also flow.

Room straight ahead of entry will be office.

Initial ideas were to paint door black or espresso and get the same color storage bench for underneath the white bookcases with a black/white trellis/zigzag/Ikat type of print? Then what to do with those bookcases? And next to bookcases is this small window with shelves. Husband would like some sort of mud room but I don't like messy/cluttered look. He would also like to rip out those bookcases(and everything else in house), but we are gutting entire 2nd fl in 2 months so I don't want to add too much to our plate.

I tend to stick to taupe, grey, white, navy neutrals. I can't help myself! Husband is so bored with this and this is our biggest marriage dilemma lol.

Please help! :)
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I think it's a great space already! It just needs some accessories I think. What about painting the door a warm red (I know... I am a neutrals girl also, so I can't believe I'm suggesting that) but it would really pop. Looks like there's some red in your chair also? Then a long rug/runner from the door, something with some color. And a chair in the corner with a reading lamp, maybe a small side table. Dress up the bookshelves with interesting accessories and some colorful flowers on the (is that a radiator cover?) under the window.

Just my thoughts.
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First of all I would get a long runner for the entryway, it will help define the space. Then, if you want to keep the shelving, I would put a bench underneath. You can add color with fabric if you buy an upholstered storage bench. Also, add some baskets for storage to the bookshelves as well as some art, pictures, mail holders and other items that will both be aesthetic and functional near the entry of the home.
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I kind of like the radiator cover --- it has character. But if it's being removed, that's where I'd put the bench.
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I think your ideas are good and your colors will be very subtle, so up the ante with pattern. I would put a much larger navy and ivory chevron (zigzag) area rug in the entry and a navy and ivory IKAT pattern on the bench or on an armless chair with some pillows in an accent color (red, orange, yellow??) propped against the wall or a lumbar in the chair Take a quick tutorial here on Houzz for dressing the bookshelves. Are you planning more to the window treatments? I might suggest simple fabric cornices in navy with cream Moroccan trellis pattern. This will get you the patterns you like and I don't think three will be too much if the colorway is the same. Break all that will a shot of an accent color you like to liven things up.
Indigo Ikat Slipper Chair
Suburban Rasul Ikat Fabric, Blue
Tiraz Cotton Ikat Fabric
nuLOOM MTVS19A Chevron Area Rug - Navy
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Interiors International, Inc.
You do have a nice start. It could use a splash of color to bring in some personality.
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I never thought of navy for entry. I like it. what color bench then?

I had thought of black as pop of color. I saw this pic (attached) on inspired room and liked it but then read in Elle decor (I think) that Black and Tan is out...is that true?
Long patterned rug and then coordinating pillows on bench?

Should I paint door?
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Btw, I wanted roman shades for window but this particular room has no insulation in walls so we needed blinds energy efficient.

Also, this room is not wired for ceiling/wall electricity yet. We have outlets though, so I will need some type of lampoon table/floor lamp...
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roman blinds can be made more energy efficient than any blinds. there are interlinings and other products which make them essentially a blanket for your windows, but they would have to be closed. i am assuming the cold problem would be mostly at night?

You have hot water heat? I think that is the MOST comfortable of all. Forced air is just not as comfortable as radiant hot water heat. Are you sure you want to rip that out?

I like most of the decorating ideas posted above.
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Beautiful home. Also consider converting the radiator covers into storage pieces where useful (like the entry one) to maintain the built-in character - replace the inside with open shelves and/or add cabinet doors (perhaps keeping the metal grid material inside a wood framed door) to collect/hide shoes/ snowy boots or whatever needed, paired with a vertical clothes tree in the corner.... and a bench or chair to perch while putting on boots ? or slide it over to use under the bookshelf, under the other window, etc as a surface for a reading lamp. Sliding doors or open shelves painted with a fun color makes a good toy storage area too - its such a good size for so many uses...
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I would paint the inside of your door navy - for a pop of color and whimsy. A strong mustard yellow or an electric orange would be the colors I would go for in accessories, not red.
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Scott Design, Inc.
The entry area seems spacious enough to accommodate closet(s) without sacrificing appealing space in the entry. This will satisfy the “mudroom” role and give the entry better proportions compared to the primary living area.

I have provided “seat-of-the-pants” floor plans in an attempt to show you the potential (a picture is worth a 1000 words!). I have assumed certain dimensions based on the details of your entry area doorways, walls and flooring. If the walk-in closet with the door on the end is considered, it will provide an uninterrupted long wall that helps to better define the end of the living room and minimize the hall effect. Granted it's very narrow but it can work with hooks and high shelves.

Now, if the dimensions for the entry and those around the proposed closet area are less than indicated, this concept will not work. Then two closets would be possible, one on the end and one on the long wall. The space in front of the long wall would then be more of a hall rather than part of the living room (the way that the space is working now). An easy way to get an idea as to the effect this concept has on the area is to hang a sheet from the ceiling.

Food for thought.
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Norma Sassone
I see red on the chair in the living room. Why not add some brick red to the hall bench? or to the roman shades on the window. Red and black Zapotec runner rug.
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Have you thought about having some nice heavy (cotton or velvet) drapes on each side of the living room, facing the entry?
It would soften the look and prevent drafts for the person sitting in the pretty chair. It would also visually tell people that this is now another room, as in entering the living room.
We had curtains like that to our sunroom that we actually closed them in the winter evenings.helped with heat loss and felt cozy in the darker times of the day.
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As for the black and tan... It is your house, whatever you like GOES! I like all the suggestions. The colours, the long runner and the bench with storage.
If you have more space in the house, I would not have an office in the entry corner, if I understood that correctly.
I would take out the shelves.Treat the window as the others with the same blind or shade. If you do not like clutter, simply hang a beautiful picture in the empty bookshelf nook. You could even paint the nook a special colour to emphasize the picture/ photos/print. Make sure it ties in with the entry but the living room as well, since you will be seeing it from there too.
You'll be happy you have more storage at the entry when you have kids, trust me !
Congrats again, beautiful house and good luck with the second floor!
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I have a shelf area very similar to the one you have and painted the back of it with my accent color. It really made my accessories stand out and tied everything together. Remember, it's only paint if you hate it! Stand some differently sized pictures up against the back for interest.
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To separate the spaces a low wall (30 - 42" high) with a bookcase with in it would serve to break up the spaces - had glass doors to the entry side and it will lighten up the presents of the wall yet visually provide you separation.

Get rid of the bay windows in the front entry.

With kids the radiant cast iron heaters are the best for warming up hats mittens and coats - of course that would also have the lived in look which some don't want in the front entry.

Something or someone did something with the flooring in that house - very weird to have the wood floor run in different directions. Maybe make those 2 rooms separate from one another - or cut in a threshold accent piece that provides a visual reason for the different direction of wood.

Cheers -
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