New Sofa and Living Room Decor
Laura Pate Bridgers
January 11, 2013
I am currently looking for a new apartment and I am having a lot of fun with potential living room designs. I took a trip to a local antique mall today and found a sofa that I loved. I can't put a particular date on it, but I am inclined to place it within the 1960's based on the design and company label, which is from a renowned and very upscale local furniture store. I consider it a great investment at only ninety-five dollars and it definitely gives a quirky and fashionable nod to my love of bygone eras.

Anyhow, I am having trouble planning the rest of my decor in a way that works well with this sofa. How would you structure the living room decor to work with this piece? I want the room to be full of bright colors and prints with a quirky, but girly, appearance. Bright pink is one color that I definitely want throughout the room, but I'm not sure of how to work it in with this sofa. Any help on this dilemma is definitely appreciated.
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Not sure about the pink, but I would definitely work with some softer oranges or funky greens with this lovely piece! I can see a round white light fixture of some kind....
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Fun time in your life, ENJOY. You can do it, but the pink has to be the right pink. I did a bedroom with yellow and rose and I came out lovely. As in this picture, walls were pale yellow and pink was used often, but just in accents.

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Laura Pate Bridgers
Thank you very much for your suggestions. I adore this sofa and I am determined to make it work with the other elements that I desire in the room.
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I think the sofa is great. If you are set on the pink; I like the idea of the fuschia shown above with a mango orange from the sofa.
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Laura Pate Bridgers
That's a great idea. I really do want to use a bright pink like the one in the above photo. I am worried that dustier or lighter pinks combined with this sofa will cause the room to look too drab or too much like it belongs to a grandmother.

Thank you for your suggestion.
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Pink and orange can look really great together. Maybe get a few cushions and try them at home - make sure you can get ones you can return. Go with a fairly neutral wall colour. Maybe undertones of yellow or green. A sisal rug with a coloured trim would look great - either in a pink or a green colour.
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Laura Pate Bridgers
Thank you. I have actually considered commissioning a friend of mine to create bright pink slipcovers for the sofa's back cushions as a way to link it with that color throughout the rest of the room.

Are you referring to floor cushions, though? I think that would be a great element to incorporate into the room as well.
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If you want bold, quirky and sort of girly, how about introducing teal, pink, and a limey sort of green with your sofa? Carefully selected toss pillows will tie it all together. A bright teal accent chair, or the right lime green with the sofa would look really fun. Here is a photo for inspiration. Imagine your new sofa here. : )

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Laura Pate Bridgers
I really like the design of that room! I hadn't considered teal, but it looks great against the wall in that photo.

Thank you!
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Has the sofa got blue and pink in it too or is that just a trick of the light? If so, like Darzy said, definitely play that up. Here are some more photos for inspiration (I love the rug in the first one). The orange, bright pink and purple combos are nice too.

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Laura Pate Bridgers
The sofa does have blue and pink in it, but they are very light shades and in very small amounts, so the orange, yellow, and green tones overpower them. All of those rooms combine pink and orange really well. Thank you.
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Is there gray in your sofa? Gray and yellow look great together! And then add hits of fuschia-pink.
I would even paint the wall behind your sofa a bold yellow-gold. And maybe another wall, or long curtains,
in a fuschia-pink.
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Laura Pate Bridgers
There is no gray in the sofa, but the background is of a light enough beige color that gray should work well with it. I love the small yellow table in the second photo and the zig zag pattern in the third photo.
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