Need Help With Master Bathroom Renovation 1940ish House

ruburrJanuary 12, 2013
We have a bathroom 7 by 10 and are planning a full renovation.


We are thinking of a white bathroom with glass shower and NO TUB with white subway tiles and white vanity and calacatta marble counter top with white this too white

The vanity........we are only having one sink and wonder should we centre the vanity in the room or have it go to end of the right corner wall

How do we deal with the windows and placing of subway tiles on the wall around the room. Notice the windows are at different heights

Does anyone have any other decorating ideas for this project. THANKS
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I think this is a clean slate. Know what style you are looking for and go for it. I think Hollywood glam would be the way to go. Have fun!!
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thank you Salvia
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White on white- no, I don't think it is too white. If you layer the whites... and you will be with the calcutta marble, there will be enough interest and won't look sterile. When you say white floors, what are you thinking? A hex tile on the floor would add some interest and break things up a bit. You can always pull in one of the blue greys from the marble for your paint colour. What will you do for the cabinetry?
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Do consider that you will lose resale value by not putting in a bathtub. A lot of people won't buy a house without a tub in the master bathroom especially if its been renovated.
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Well that is something to think about and perhaps I should put another post.........We have a small 4 bedroom house with another family bathroom on the same floor with a tub and shower......Do you still think it makes a big difference
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I never thought about a hex tile any other suggestions for floor tiles

I guess you pick the paint colour last
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We sell lots of homes with big shower in master bath and tub with shower in second (hall or family) bath. As long as there are two baths on the floor, go for it! If this is an only bath, put a tub or if you can manage both in your design, put small (36x36") shower and tub.
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I'd not do white floors, that's too much white, imo.
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then what type of floors would you suggest. I guess we need to be careful to get something that is not too slippery as it is a bathroom.
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Cancork Floor Inc.

A cork glue down "tile" (a sheet of cork 1ft x 2ft x 1/8 inch) would work beautifully in this situation. Cork tiles are water proof because they are finished with 2-3 coats of water based polyurethane. They take roughly the same time to install as tile and would go well with the '40's theme (cork was HUGE in the '40's). Cork is a great, low slip surface that wears very well over decades. has 5 different versions of white cork glue down tiles. The "5th" is a white parquet with black corner squares...very '40's glam!

Check out the photos.
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Given that it is a bathroom that is going to get lots of use, I would go with a tile. I like the using natural stone or a mix of natural stone and porcelain. A few really nice "white"... not all white, but the feel of white, here:
If you want a more modern look longer vein cut marble/travertine would look great.
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Since you have another tub on the same level, I wouldn't worry about not having one in the master bathroom. I would be more concerned with having only one sink. Is it possible to put two in there? Would you mind taking more pictures of the bathroom so we can see it from all angles?
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Here are some more pictures of the bathroom. We are thinking of a walk in shower 36 by 60

Where the big tall closest is we are going to put a partial glass wall to let in more light in the new shower and also a shallower cupboard

We dont want to change plumbing so the sink has to be where it is

Do you think white subway tiles would be nice on the walls if so what would you suggest for the right height. We have a lot going on with 2 windows at different heights

HELP PLEASE Hard to decide what to do
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Looks like some good space. I would get rid of the tub and just go for a wonderful shower! You have another tub on the second floor and that should be enough. Good luck and have fun.
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Thanks for posting the extra pictures. You have room for two sinks but if you really just want to do one, then I would center it under the light fixture. I don't understand how you plan on doing the partial glass wall. I see the tall closet you mentioned but where exactly would the glass wall go? I would just place the subway tile in the shower area and not put it all away around the room. A beveled subway tile would look good. If you do want the tile all away around the room, then have it go up 3 feet from the floor.
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Just want to confirm that putting in just the shower is fine if you have a tub elsewhere, and that an all white bathroom is pretty timeless. We have one (white tile floor, white tub and shower tile, white vanity, white counter, white trim, etc.) with the walls serving as the only shot of color in the room. It actually makes it incredibly easy to redecorate when we get bored, as just about any color looks good on the walls (we just shifted from light aqua walls to dark navy, just for a change). The previous owners did the all-white renovation, and I think it was actually quite wise of them.
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The left wall of the the linen cupboard will be rebuilt but only 18" deep because we don't use the back half of it. The glass wall will come out another 20-24" to create the back wall of the shower stall 38-42" x 60".

Do you think the beveled tiles would be too busy in the room

If we don't put tiles around the room don't you think it would look too plain
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Staged for Perfection
I am a color fanatic but nothing beats a white bathroom! If you use small tiles on the floor it will definitely not be slippery! I liked Chandani's hex suggestion. I do think your could use marble or some stone which has a little more color than just a white ceramic tile for instance. You can basically do the with the walls etc what you want. I would also do 2 sinks if I were you can. I think there is a way you can do that without having to add new plumbing ( thinking Ikea had something like that). I am not a fan of the tall cabinet. It looks outdated. Take that out completely.
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Your bathroom is small and I think putting tile all around the room would make it feel like you're being bombarded with tile. However, since everything is white, you may be able to get away with it. A friend of mine redid her bathroom with a beveled white tile and it looked really good. Her bathroom is much smaller than yours. It will add a bit more interest since everything will be one color. You could always buy one tile and bring it home to see if you like it in your bathroom.
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You could use that tall cabinet as open shelving. It is always nice to have a linen cabinet in the bathroom. An 18" deep cabinet is plenty space. You could even go 15" or 12".
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