Does the Interior of a home have to reflect the Exterior of a home?
Pamela Tripas
January 13, 2013 in Polls
Comments on your answer would be helpful, thank you!
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Cynthia Taylor-Luce
There are many historic homes that look true to their period outside but are modern wonders inside. It's an exciting contrast if well done.
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I completely agree, Cynthia. But does it work the other way? I often find myself thrilled to walk into a beautiful period home and find a highly contemporary, artistic design inside (if it is well done). But I am usually disappointed when I walk into a really interesting, innovative modern or contemporary house from the outside and find highly traditional furnishing within. It feels like the owners haven't understood the architect's vision. Is that a double standard? If so, I plead guilty.
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This season's This Old House project is one just like Cynthia is referring to. Traditional on the outside--Scandinavian modern on the inside.,,20662410,00.html
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Cynthia Taylor-Luce
You are absolutely right, feeny. I cringe at the thought of wing chairs and granny furniture in a sleek modern house... Point well taken. I guess I should change my vote to "sometimes"...
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Pamela Tripas
I am gathering then, that if the exterior is a true Period Home then it's best to accentuate the positives of that particular period, so to speak. What if it's a new home with the exterior Exterior made to look Coastal, even though it sits in the midwest? Would you expect the interior to look coastal?
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The only situation I would suggest a contrasting style between the interior and exterior is in historical settings as previously mentioned so to keep with a consistent architecture of the neighborhood.
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Modern/sleek homes often have a very thin barrier between the indoors and outdoors (figuratively and literally (big windows, atriums, stonework that starts outside and continues in, etc.)). Vastly different interiors can't hide as easily in these spaces, which were built often with an unconventional, irreverent, and experimental spirit.

In an old Victorian or Colonial, say, with its smaller windows, and stronger shell, a drastically different interior is somehow less off-putting.

As for your question about the interior of a new costal style home in the midwest, I think you have a lot of freedom for what the interior looks like. The home is new, so there is nothing anyone is going to want to "save." The house is already displaying a style that is not found in the area in which it is located, so people's expectations for authenticity don't exist. I say do whatever you want inside, as long as it is done well.

* Is this new home on some sort of body of water?
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This feedback is very good as we have a great new home -building almost completed and I like traditional looks but want it to have a modern touch at the same time..I hope I don't go wrong in my choices of furniture. I will have to keep posting updates on it. Thank you for this.
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