small outdated!?!?!
January 14, 2013
I dont even know where to start...i cant stand my kitchen...please help! Soooo much wood in my house! How do u paint wood paneling and what is the best way to do it?
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Kira Nguyen
I would definitely paint the cabinets a lighter color. Here's an article I found on how to do this ( but google has a ton of information. If you can paint both the cabinets and the walls, it would help make the kitchen seem bigger: Classic City Kitchen

As for changes, I would update the counter top if that's in your budget, put in a new sink, and declutter your counters for maximum workspace!
Pool House

I would also update the window - get rid of the ruffle curtain on top and the venetian blinds, and put in something a bit more modern like this:
Los Angeles Area Homes

Hope that gives you some ideas! :)
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Matteo Dezigns
Actually, your kitchen can be somewhat easy to do. It has good bones and a few changes will make all the difference. I actually like the paint color and the countertops seem to be in good condition. The flooring as well looks 'updated' and certainly will look better once changes are made. Ok, here are my suggestions. The kitchen is dark, so i would simply paint the cabinets white. In addition, i would also replace the cabinet doors with an updated inlay type front along with stainless handles. If you have a backsplash, you can install the mosaic tile squares, very easily, and they are inexpensive. Get something you like, but that has blues/whites. For the window, install a plantation shutter and remove the valance. You will have an amazing new kitchen!! Hope you like my ideas!!
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If budget allows, it may be worth your while to get paint grade replacement doors in a shaker style and paint those. Or, if you want a door that is more ornate, now's your chance!

We have very similar cabinet doors. They were painted before we moved in and it just seems the slab style doesn't look as good painted as it does in wood. Notice that both the painted kitchens in the pics above are shaker.

You probably won't need to replace the drawer fronts so you really don't have a lot of doors to replace. There are a few online retailers that offer doors and I think Home Depot/Lowes have them as well.
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Thanks everyone...great advice! What is shaker though?
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It's the type with the trim around the door. I think it's called rails and styles but I'm not positive.

Look at the doors and drawer above in the pictures of the painted kitchens. You'll see the trim on the doors. Generally the trim isn't on the smaller drawers. It would probably look too busy.

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Yes, 'stiles' and rails.
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If the budget allows you could also bump out the window The would make the kitchen feel bigger. If you could get a new window and new cabinets, you could get one that's a little smaller to give you more cabinet space on either side. White cabinets would help to counterbalance the smaller window. Also, to give you more light and open the space up, you could get doors with glass panels for each side of the end cabinet over the bar and add white vinyl flooring.

New knobs/pulls can do wonders. If you want to replace your cabinets, you could get a smaller sink base that would allow bigger cabinets on each side for more storage. The one you have is bigger than you need for the size sink you have. Also, it looks like your cabinets don't go to the ceiling. If you replace your cabinets, you could get taller ones to get more storage.

If nothing is available in the budget for big stuff, the very least I would recommend is, white paint for the cabinets as they are and new knobs. The white paint will match your stove and refrigerator and make the kitchen come together with the appliances, making if feel bigger. Even that will make a nice difference.
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Your kitchen looked like mine...small and outdated with dark cabinets. Without the money to redo everything at the time I lightened up by painting the cabinets an off-white, added molding to the cabinet door faces, and changed the hardware. Luckily the counter (Formica) was cream in color which I could live with until I can afford a re-haul. I wallpapered the small kitchen and used the matching fabric on window treatments so the space would appear larger.
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Blinds Direct Canada
I would replace the window treatments you have now with a 2'' fauxwood blind it will really change the look for a more up to date modern look.
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