Limestone veneer help
Jennifer MoslanderJanuary 17, 2013
I'm refacing the fireplace in my living room. Does anyone have detailed installation info? I'd like to try to do myself.
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dalma darling
Hi Jennifer, have you tackled this project already or are you still looking for advice?
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Interiors International, Inc.
I hope these aren't the first answers you have received. If you haven't started the project let us know so we can get you some help.
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Jennifer Moslander
I haven't started it yet. I have ordered the limestone and it should arrive tomorrow or Friday. I still need advice.
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S. Thomas Kutch
Post some pictures of the existing fire place.........where you're starting from determines how you proceed.. Without more information, any suggestions are just shooting in the dark.
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Jayme H.
I was interested in stone veneer so I googled it and some U Tube videos came up with a fellow actually going through the entire process. I would do my research, note any questions and try to hook up with someone who actually does this for a living or as part of their trade..either as just a consultant or to get u started...and perhaps be there for issues that may occur...If it's not done properly, it could cost more in the long run...I salute your bravery in this attempt!!
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Jennifer Moslander
Here are 3 pictures. A before, middle of removing and it prepped for the limestone. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what I'm trying to do.
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Jennifer Moslander
Hopefully this one is the correct orientation
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Twisted Minds Custom Designs
It looks like you are doing everything needed for a good instalation. When placing the stone, depending on the size and desired joint, start with the corners and work your way in, you want crisp lines at edges, better yet if you are using manufactured corner pieces. You can make cuts if needed with a saw with a masonry blade (do outside will create dust) or with a stone masons chip hammer. Make sure you get the proper mortar bed for the stone you are using and follow the mixing directions to the letter. Where you bought the stone from should make sure you are getting the proper mortar. If you have problems with the stones slliding, place a screw into the backer board and set stone up to it, after it sets you can safely back the screw out, especially helpful above fireplace would be to screw a ledger board across the whole are to give you a nice straight line. If you are doing large joints, a grout bag will come in handy to fill joints after all the stones are set, just like decorating with a giant cake frosting bag, to give a more rustic feel to joints, let them set partially, come back with a stiff bristle brush and work the joints to desired look, then brush excess material with a cheap chip brush. After full set, sweep and vacuum area and enjoy your fireplace.
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Jennifer Moslander
I was going to use Type N mortar. Also, draw the fireplace on the floor and dry lay the stones out so I can play with it as the pieces are random in length and width. I am so glad I've done it right thus far. Thank you!
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S. Thomas Kutch
Jennifer. you're heading in the right direction..........especially with your dry mock up idea. Pro's would determine as they go, but that comes with years of experience. Right now speed is not your concern.....finished appearance is the key here.

There are a number of self helps online as to means and methods, I would strongly suggest you search them on the right track young lady...... onward and upward.

Be sure and post some finished picture for us.
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Jennifer Moslander
I definitely will post finished pictures. The stone quarry just called and the limestone is in. Thanks to everyone for the advice.
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Twisted Minds Custom Designs
One additional tip I forgot to mention earlier, if you plan on having a mantle, figure out where you are placing it before you apply stone. Whether you are doing a floating mantle or using corbels or other supports, install the support bases now, then stone around. This way you get a nice strong and clean attachment, trying to mount supports and mantle to irregular stone after can be very tricky.
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Jennifer Moslander
Yes, I am planning on having a mantle. That is great advice. I am planning on using corbels. I will definitely do that first.
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