How to design this hearth?

jdkrebsJanuary 17, 2013
Our home is transitional / modern. We wanted to do hearth, but gas guy but gas line into wall where hearth would wrap to wall. What should I do? Just bring hearth straight out squared - which would leave small useless space between hearth and walls-- if we take hearth out to walls, they'll have to create a lower edge on sections near wall so gas line is available?
Second dilemma - room will be beige/ gray with gray and white bedding-- crime to gray carpet-- fairly large master bedroom- window is to the left.
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2 ideas 4 U.
Would a semi-circle work? Some don't bother with hearths.
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Ironwood Builders
You can drop the hearth below the level of the gas key. The height of the hearth is not determined by the's gas. If you want a hearth for sitting, try a combination of heights, stair step the sides to maintain access to the gas key and and keep the hearth high in the center. The stair step could wrap around the front of the hearth as well, giving it a reason to exist (beyond the aforementioned gas key). Of can always call the plumber back and have them rework the gas line, repair the drywall and then the hearth will be where and how you want it...I think you have about half a leg to stand on to get abetter deal from the guy that put it in wrong in the first place.
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