March 27, 2011
What can you plant between pavers?
Haven't a clue on the plant between the stones. Suggest using something that grows well between stones in shade, required little or infrequent mowing. Baby tears? Dicandra? Sunnier climes perhaps a prostrate thyme or chamomile?
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Ann Christmas
Perhaps some mini mondo grass !?
Moonstones suggestions are great !
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You could try Scotch or Irish moss, wooly thyme and any low growing sedums.
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Sheila Schmitz
Here is an ideabook that features some low-growing groundcovers that do well between pavers:
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Amy Renea
Creeping Thyme will work well...maybe dragon's blood sedum as a darker choice. Will it be a driveway or walkway?
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Glenna Partridge Garden Design
I have great success with Isotoma fluviatilis 'Blue Star Creeper'. It does well with any conditions I put in it! Sun, shade, wet soil....Grows zone 9 hotter climates it does better with more shade. It has little blue flowers that bloom for an extremely long time and can be stepped on without hurting the plant. Will be mostly evergreen in warmer climates. I also love using baby's tears in shady locations but it's very delicate and can be crushed easily on a walkway. Hope this helps!
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Suzman Design Associates
The groundcover used in the image was Baby's Tears (Soleirolia soleirolii).
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EasyTurf is a great alternative here - no maintenance, no watering, durabel and lush and green year-round. Check out a few of our recent paver installs and let me know if you have any questions. Good luck in your search! George

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