White Sofa's... would you do it?
csabdallaJanuary 18, 2013
Here's the skinny...coming from very dark house with lots of paneling. Depressed and traumatized by the darkness of it. Moving to rental home, and buying new sofas for family room. Cannot handle the thought of anything dark or beige...reminds me of mother in laws house that I just came from. Felt like a big paneled cave.

Found great sofas, but should I do white?? Sales staff said fabric is scotch guarded, poly blend, durable and easy to clean. But do I believe it? Have two young boys, well behaved but their main play area is in finished basement - no eating on the furniture. OR do I do an alternate color with white pillows and accents? Yay or nay, folks?? I love the white.
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Brooke Olson
Well I have all white sofas in my house with six people and two dogs and lots of spills and messes. I love my sofas...but they are slipcover sofas and I like the white bc I can bleach. Would never be able to have them if I couldn't take them off and wash. Hope this helps.
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Linda Lane Design
White would be beautiful BUT be sure to use a performance fabric that is now very available through various vendors. Some of the recognizable brand names are Sunbrella, Crypton, Bella Dura, etc. This is a huge trend in bringing what was once only outdoor fabrics to the indoors. Also nylon is inherently soil and stain resistant. There are many other brands too that fit this need. Linda
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I bought a white couch when my kids were in that tween age and they did not last. Even the blue from denim jeans wears off on the fabric. If you want to go light, get leather. I wish I had and I would have saved myself oodles on replacing furniture.
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I understand how our old baggage makes us want to go the other way to the extreme. So in that sense our old baggage is still in control. I would give this much thought. If white is what you really want, then by all means, although even with just my husband and me and our little Maggie dog (small clean min pin) I wouldn't do all white... just because I am obsessed with clean. Unless you can take it off and bleach it like Brooke said.
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I love my white sofas with two cats and a three year old that thinks a couch is a jungle gym... get one of the fun slipcovered versions... the ones below are available at Ikea, Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn

Ektorp Corner Sofa, Blekinge White
Belgian Track Arm Slipcovered Sofas
PB Comfort Slipcovered Sofa
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Crypton Home
White Sofas are a do when they are covered in Crypton Fabric! Crypton makes your sofa stain, moisture, and odor resistant. Check out our sofas online: http://www.cryptonathome.com/Shop/Sofas. Feel free to direct any questions you may have to us as well!
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Don't do white unless you get slipcovers or leather.
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Terri Mulhern
Nope. I have 8 kids, very well behaved and I would never go with white. It isn't just your own family you have to worry about. How uncomfortable is it for you when you go to someone's home and the furniture is white? Do you feel nervous and don't want to let your kids go in? I do. White is gorgeous on throw pillows and the covers can be washed. You notice these awesome fabrics use the word resistant and not proof. Make your guests feel welcome with a warm environment. I do have a white chaise in my bedroom for lounging on and reading. That's about the only room white furniture is a yes for me. Place pops of white in the pillows, the flowers, the artwork. anything that can be washed or wiped, or replaced for less than $50. White leather will show scuffs and wear marks quickly if the room is high traffic, but if the room is mostly for show it is an acceptable option.
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Terri Mulhern
Denim sectionals look awesome with white tables, pillows and accents by the way. And they wear well.
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