carolyn help! patio furniture

marvymareJanuary 18, 2013
I need some outdoor patio furniture. I was going to mix wicker and wrought iron together? Wicker sofa and two gliders with wrought iron table and w/i swivel chairs. But unsure if that would look good, also what color wicker, wrought iron and cushions for chairs and sofa. Patterned solid? thinking of teal??? help flooring is terrazzo sandy beige and creamy white.
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Cynthia Taylor-Luce
Who's Carolyn? :)

I would not mix wicker and wrought iron. Pick one or the other. Wicker is lighter weight and easier to slide around, but wrought iron lasts forever if it's looked after. Just about any colour will go nicely with this tile. Can you take a piece of it with you when you go shopping for cushions?
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You have a wonderful large covered patio with strong dark bronze/brown trimmed frames, so look at brown/bronze furniture to start. You can mix wicker and wrought iron but I'd keep the seating furniture in one material and the dining table/chairs in another. I've got brown classic style wicker sofa and two big chairs and then a soft black wrought iron look dining set with glass top and they work beautifully. Given the dark trim around the patio, I'd stay away from whites/beiges in furniture tones as they could look cheap rather than "Hamptons." Once you have the main furniture, the coffee table and side tables, and a console or chest can be "one-offs" to add your personality.

From the pics, it looks like the floor has a pink undertone and the stucco paint a strong yellow. If that's correct, picking cushions is gonna be tricky. (I might paint the stucco interior surfaces into an ivory to neutralize but I'm OCD about color tones.) So Cynthia's advice to take the tile sample (and wall color sample) to the store is spot on. If you go light/neutral, you'll need the undertones right. Pink and orange make a shade of coral which might work if its a color you personally like. I'd bring home a range of pillows from a home store that are returnable or use a paint fan to look for colors that work with the and guide you. Solids or patterned solids for the main cushions are easiest to live with as you can change out accent pillows inexpensively. But the furniture cushions are pricey. Once you have the cushion colors and accent pillows you like, a painted chest to hold outdoor items would be a great way to extend the color. And enjoy the process!
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@Cynthia. Maybe it's Carolyn Albert-Kincl designer. Great designer and always fabulous advice and suggestions. Your design advice, Cynthia Taylor-Luce, is respected and appreciated as well!
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Marie Hebson's interiorsBYDESIGN Inc.
Hi marvymare, Marie here.
Find your inspiration - is it a fabric? Plant? or flower?
You have a gorgeous patio, you need that inspiration to set the tone for the colour of the furniture
and for the mood you want to set. I'd go looking for either a grass area rug, or that perfect throw cushion that's something you absolutely adore.

I LOVE mixing wicker and wrought iron - don't let that deflect your initial thought - BUT have a plan.
Do up a space plan to know exactly what sizes of furniture you can get, and how your going to use the space.

Make sure furnishings are exactly the look you are after, and are the right size etc.
1. Find your inspiration point.
2. find your vision photograph - helps you to stay track with the mood of the space and end result.

Once you have your inspiration - and your overall room's look (from a photo from Houzz, that should help to keep you on track with your end result. Good Luck!
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Cynthia Taylor-Luce
Actually there are 598 Carolyns who have posted work on this site! That's why I wondered which one marvymare was trying to contact.

I should clarify my comment about not mixing wrought iron and wicker. I was picturing this as a small area, which would benefit from the unity of using one material. Without photos of what the furniture is, it's impossible to tell if the styling and the scale and the colours would look good together. Since this person is buying everything new, it's an opportunity to purchase items that "match". That's why I went with a general answer of no!

However, the examples above are good ones, and I agree with the advice on colour. etc.
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That's a lot of Carolyns! Carolyn Albert-Kincl is one of the top 10 commenters so that is why I suspected it was that Carolyn.

Hi Marvymare...the second photo looks like a concrete floor. Is that the space? I think the space is large enough to have zones. How about picking out an outdoor area rug you love for the sitting area(s) and go from there?
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Oh boy, I was actually looking for Carolyn Albert-Kincl ! However, all of you gave me such wonderful advice! I'm ALMOST looking forward to going out and picking my furniture now! Well, almost. My problems are when it comes to patterns on the rugs, cushions and even on the rug. Now I know I can do a plain sisal rug with that pattern on the stone floor but wonder if I can do a rug with a pattern of some sort? It's funny about the paint because as soon as we decided on that floor I immediately thought of changing the "yellow" color outside with another color like benmoore revere pewter? tannish gray. But that's just a thought will have to bring that stone into the paint store. Trying to find some actual pictures of cushion fabric to post. Thanks so much! I'm still open for any other ideas or pics
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Interiors International, Inc.
@Darzy you are so correct about Carolyn Albert-Kincl and Cynthia Taylor-Luce I admire them both. They are amazingly good at giving advise as are you. I have read many from all three of you and I usually agree. Which says a lot considering how opinionated I am.
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@Interiors International..thank you for the generous compliment! Your advice is admired, respected and appreciated as well. I can think of several designers on HOUZZ (pros and non-pros) who I think are very good, and then there are the likes of Carolyn Albert-Kincl, Cynthia Taylor-Luce, and you, who are amazingly good. I think I've come up with a nice solution and then they come up better one. :) I too, am quite opinionated!
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Interiors International, Inc.
@Darzy, much love to you! Johnathan
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Well, I guess I am the new kid on the block. In the spirit of full disclosure, I am not an interior designer nor as qualified as the folks above. I am an artist (and art professor) but hopefully my two cents worth will help somehow.
Your space is very graphic with the vertical black lines created by the enclosure and the geometric spaces between the columns. Lots of right angles. Because of this, I don't think you will be happy with furniture that does not play along. In other words, a curvy Victorian wicker will look out of place and probably out of scale (dwarfed).
Something with boxy or straighter line, maybe even striped fabric in black and cream, would harmonize with the space. I think the geometric shape of a sectional, for example, would work better than a frilly settee, curved leg table or too much glass. Those won't have enough visual weight compared to the heavy support beams. Nothing wrong with wicker as long as the pieces look substantial. I saw some beautiful wicker club chairs with a squared base that would work.
Also, the colors you are working with- pink,salmon,beige,cream, black and that yellowish sand tone are the color palette of the American Southwest and places like Morocco. They focus their art colors on the sunsets they see across the deserts. Either one could be a great design reference for your space. Add a little purple somewhere to balance the yellow. Purple (or a purplish-blue) is like a marriage counselor for pink and yellow. :-)
Love the open, airy feel of your patio. Hope this was helpful. Would love to see an "after" photo when you are done!
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Oh Suzanna, whoops no pun there....I thank you for your "input" for my lanai! I do understand what you are saying. I guess next week when the floor gets put down I will have greater knowledge of what to use in that space. I just loved everyone suggestions, now my head is trying to sort them all out! I am going out today though to change that yellow wall and looking at some rich tans or greens to help it all along. I also can't wait for this project to be done! I liked the part of the cream and black and the thought of more straighter lines with the furniture, EVEN though I ORIGINALLY was thinking "old" wicker. More decisions! I admire all the designers/artists who enjoy this, can't thank you enough!!!!
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Hi marvymare...before you pick out paint color, I think I'd pick out your furniture and area rugs first. It's surprisingly hard to find comfortable furniture you love. With furniture selected, you will be better able to pick the perfect wall color.
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Hi Marvy,
I'm glad you found it helpful. Although I think I gave you the "right" advice, right sometimes isn't. I forgot to mention that all of this should be secondary to the wishes of your heart. If you really love old wicker, to heck with all of us! Buy it because a lanai should be all about relaxing and you won't if you don't love it.
Case in point: I just last week bought the "castle" fountain at Horchow which is an Italian Renaissance looking thing. My house is not. Do I care? Nope. Am I Italian? Not an iota. Swedish actually. Will the Homes Association Architectural expert have a tizzy over a 5 foot fountain in my new Italian Palazzo? Let's just say I am making a big batch of frozen margaritas to calm his nerves.
So picture me in the courtyard with my feet on the fountain, eating meatballs and pitching pennies into the water with my two cats Fettuccine and Linguine. They are voting for koi fish in the bottom tier.
Moral of the story: Your heart will not betray you. Buy what you love.
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:))) That was so funny and wonder if your cats names are really fettuccine and linquine! :) How cute is that! Yes, I understand you must "love" what you put in your home but it's so nice to hear about what would look the best and then kinda work with it and around it! :) But anyway, thanks for the info it does make me feel better about not always having to make the RIGHT decision!
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Thanks. Yes, those are their names. I seem to have an attraction to the Italian way of life. Maybe I was an Italian aristocrat in a previous lifetime. Ever notice how we always like to think we were Cleopatra or someone fabulous? I never imagine that I was an Italian peasant.
I know what you mean about getting good advice about what looks best. It's like shopping for clothes with a best friend who will really tell you if the dress makes your butt look big.
By the way, don't worry about the "oh Susanna" phrase. It's actually kind of neat to have a name that makes people break out in song!
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I have a friend who lives far away from me now but she loved art and became a designer, meanwhile, she got a bichon and his name was "picasso"! :)) Made an almost decision for the walls, alexandria beige or davenport tan by Ben Moore. Alexandria makes it look smooth and even and blends very well, the davenport stands alone dramatic and darker. Hmmm see another decision! I did think about the furniture first but I just couldn't stand the thought of painting walls on my new beautiful stone floor! Don't be upset Darzy :(
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lol marvymare. I'll live. :) BTW..since you have a cover, I don't think you need to limit yourself to patio furniture per se. But, I was hoping for a more vibrant wall color for the outdoors. : ( Coloful accessories will do the trick too.
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Connie Holl
I would take pictures of your space with dimensions, and recommend going to a specialty Casual Furniture retailer, to help with coordination and layout. I would wait on your paint until you find the fabric and prints you know you want to use. I spent 10 years in the interior/casual furniture world, buying, merchandising and designing spaces. You will be amazed by the guidance you can find at a specialty retailer, along with quality pieces that are as functional as they are beautiful!
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Hmm I am in a quandry over here, as I love the davenport tan (very dark) but on the other hand if I do the alexandria beige, which really doesn't make too much of a statement I could do one wall color in a spicy red! :)???? Just a thought!
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Thanks for your tip Connie, I will do that! I will also keep my one accent wall unpainted! It actually could be any color.
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marvymare...I like your teal wall color idea. Here is a pretty teal accent wall with other walls a beige.

Personal Client at the Aria · More Info
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