Help for a walk in wardrobe / closet

castagnaJanuary 19, 2013
So we are lucky enough to have enough space to turn a spare bedroom into a walk in wardrobe but I'm looking for ideas on how to lay out the room.

I would like one side design for me and the other half for my husband i would also like a dressing table and a full length mirror.

Im looking for open storage and nothing fitted as i would like to be able to easily convert the room back into a bedroom if need.

Ideas and suggestions would really be appreciated.

Thanks x
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Chris Jenkins
You could use removable shelving and cabinets for storage. The dressing table could be in the middle of the room, with a full length mirror on the back of the door, on the wall, or a stand-alone mirror that can be moved wherever
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I would have hanging rods / drawers on either side of the room for his/hers, then the dressing table could be placed between the windows.

Cold Spring Hills Home · More Info
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Hi Chris, that sounds a good idea and appreciate you commenting i was thinking something similar to but as ive never done anything like this i was interested to see if anyone though any different. so thank you looks like i was on the right track! :)
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Im glad you attached at picture i had found that also and though that would be the kind of thing that may suit my room but again as i have never done this before just wanted to feel confident about what i was doing.

Many thanks for you commenting and finding the image :)

Chris/ Dytecture

have you got any suggestions on where the best place would be to find suitable rods and shelving or am i better of making them myself?

Thanks again
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Chris Jenkins
It all depends on budget, You could go to any local store such as Walmart, Kroger, etc. and buy cheap but durable shelving and rods, or you could do a Google search for them. The search would most likely give you better results, that would match better to the room, but it may be more expensive.
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Jefferson Park Collection
Use the ideabook and search "high end custom closets" and you'll find the best closet designs.
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