Design ideas for covered deck

rugby4lifeJanuary 19, 2013
We are looking for ideas for our back entrance. Since we have a carport we enter the house through our family room door. The floors are getting ruined and with 3 kids tracking in dirty wet feet(Vancouver) we need and answer! We thought that we could build a deck with sort of a covered mudroom before entering. (Looked into building a small mudroom, but the cost was very high just to ad a few feet. )So we thought if we could get a deck out of the same price we might be able to get creative with outdoor space use.

Main problem that I am seeking help is how to incorporate a roof alongside the bay window roof to make it look ok in order to create our covered space over the door. Thoughts, design ideas or pics that you have seen would be appreciated!
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I'm not sure a roof addition will help you. It seems this entrance that U all use was not intended to be used as the primary entrance: especially with wet boots and heavy coats & little kids. Maybe this entrance was meant to be used only as a means to get to the backyard in nice weather. Is there another door U can train the family to use? Where do you and kids hang coats (hats, mittens), store wet boots etc.Do U have a washer/dryer room?
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could you make the baywindow into an entrance? or build just a smaller but similar pitched roof over this door? is there a way to make everyone use the carport?
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That is the problem olldj22. We come in this door from the carport, the other entrance is the front door where we would be walking around the house down the lane still into a foyer, with just an entrance closet! The laundry room is in the middle of the floor with no hooks ect!
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Ironwood Builders
There is no cheap solution to your dilemma. The roof of the bay can be extended over the sliding door, and you can change the slider to a swing door with sidelights...less wear and tear with that type of door. Enclosing the area below the roof is the small addition you wanted to avoid. The interior does not have room for the mudroom you envision. Best you can do is a furniture piece that serves as a boot bench and storage cubbies. Best of luck! Oh, one thought...what is the room directly opposite the carport? Can you add a door there and shorten the distance, cover the stretch from the carport to the house with a roof?
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The carport is at the other end of the yard. Behind where I took the picture! That's where the thought of building out a walk out deck with cover, thanks for the thoughts so far keep me coming!
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John Seiffert
Ironwood beat me to it.
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