Laundry room re-model: would you have it near the kitchen or near the bedrooms?
DesignLoverJanuary 19, 2013
It's a 2-story house that we're re-modeling completely and I'm torn if I want the laundry room near the kitchen (1st floor) or in-between the bedrooms (2nd floor). What would you prefer and why?
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Having the laundry room on the main floor will be quieter for everyone, especially if you want to do laundry when the kids are in bed. It will also be way easier to get the washer and dryer out if you ever need to replace them.
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I would prefer to have mine near the bedrooms. It's so much more convenient. Who wants to take their laundry up and down their stairs if they don't have to. Most of the laundry in our house comes from our bedrooms.
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i totally agree to both opinions. my husband wants it on the 2nd floor -- for the exact reason you mentioned jaxpulido13, primarily convenience. and then i imagine taking a nap. that's when christinesheriff's comment is completely valid building on the fact that the kids can't nap would be torture for me!
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This is a tough decision to make. There is no right or wrong answer. When my house had small children, I would have dreaded the laundry being upstairs just do to the noise and the fact I'd always put a load or two in before bed, at nap time and first thing in the morning but swore with every trip up and down the stairs. As the kids grew and found every mud hole known to man, it sure was nice for them to change out of there filthy clothes, toss them in the wash and jump in the shower, all located at the back door just off the kitchen. Now, with only one child at home, who regularly does his own laundry and my aching knees screaming at me with every trip up or down that I make, I wish the laundry was near the bedrooms. My next home, will be a bungalow with main floor laundry. I would not consider a 2 story or a split level, no more stairs for me, no bungalow with laundry in the basement either. Just think about the age of you family and how long you'll stay in this home. Your kids will be out of the nap stage, before you know it. They'll spend the majority of the years as pre teens and teenagers in this home, if you stay long enough.
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Thank you olldcan. It is tough. My husband buys and remodels homes...and though it's not for our personal use I would like it to appeal to a broad market. Women tend to like it near the kitchen while the men like it near the bedrooms. I would say location wise, it would be a younger family buying the house....So I am leaning towards near the kitchen.
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It's cheaper because of the plumbing to put it near the kitchen (or bathroom up or down).
I would like it downstairs for the quiet but with a laundry shoot so I wouldn't have to lug it down (just up)
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I loved having the laundry room upstairs. My kids never complained about the noise from the washer or dryer. I often started a down of laundry at bedtime.
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Is there a way of sound proofing, if it is upstairs?
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@eagledzines: great idea! And I had a good chuckle...I indicated a "laundry shoot" for our place and hubby laughed...well I thought it technically "shoots" laundry down, right? But I got corrected, it is a laundry chute :)
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You also have to consider if the upstairs floor will support the weight of a washer (full of water) and dryer. Often they need reinforcing. Another consideration is the possibility of flooding--broken pipe or sewer line--where would you rather the water go? In favor of ground floor is the laundry that is generated from clothes worn gardening, lawn mowing, sports, etc as well as mudroom rugs. I wouldn't want these tracked through my house to an upstairs laundry. A laundry chute is really handy--do they include these in new houses any more? in our split level the previous owners had build a big box on wheels to collect the laundry and wheel it over to the machines. It held a weeks worth of towels, sheets for three beds and clothes for the four of us.
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While the load-bearing and flooding issues are valid ones to consider, I wouldn't worry about the noise of a 2nd floor laundry room too much. New washers and dryers are so quiet now it shouldn't be much of an issue. And many have the option to silence the signals if it's the beeping that's the problem. Since it's a new space being constructed you can always add insulation to the walls to cut down on any potential noise.
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With respect to the load bearing issue, new washers that are front loading generally hold 15 gallons full so that's about 120 pounds, less extra weight than me on the floor. It also significantly reduces the risk of a large water spill from the washer itself. The issue of a leaking faucet remains.
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I agree if this is for a flip then having the laundry near the kitchen would provide a wider appeal as you mentioned most home makers spend the majority of time in the kitchen, generally speaking.
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I would choose near the bedrooms because that is where the majority of your laundry will come. I drug a clothes basket up and down the stairs for over 20 years and it was no fun. If you decide to do it downstairs, I might check into a laundry chute.
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I have mine upstairs, and I love it , that is where the majority of dirty clothes is, so much better access , We put in a large plastic /vinyl type tray made especially for under the washer and it is joined to the drain, so if there is any spillage it will go in it. If you sound insulate and put a ceiling fan , you can close the door and the sound is then minimal ." Try it, you'll like it" .OH and as for weight issue, if your floor handles a full bathtub and or a king size bed , I think it can safely handle a washer dryer .
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If I had a laundry 'chute' :-) it would be in a bedroom closet or upstairs bathroom.

Yes there are ways of sound proofing. As was mentioned, adding insulation to the interior walls is one of them. Interior walls aren't insulated usually, just exterior walls. There is also sound proof boards that can be used between the walls.
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I think the ideal location for the laundry is first floor, directly under the upstairs bathroom, so laundry can be dropped into a chute when you undress to bathe. If more than one bath upstairs, it is ideal if you can position the downstairs laundry so the chute is in the hall somewhere between upstairs bathrooms. My friend's chute is in the bonus room over the garage because the downstairs laundry is by the garage. The kids, who bathe upstairs, never walk that far with dirty laundry. Make it easy on the kids to get in the habit of using the chute, by putting it in their bathroom. If you are able to indulge yourself, put a small stacking unit in the master bath for doing your personal lingerie and dainties, pillow cases between complete bed changes, etc. Needless to say, all of this just for doing laundry gets complicated when designing a home. My indulgence would be to have a stacking unit in every bathroom.
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Have had an upstairs laundry for years/ Would never have it any other way. No walking up steps with folded clothes. My sons had no problem finding the laundry baskets for dirties.
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Keep the laundry up where you dress.
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I would say upstairs, no question about it. The majority of your laundry comes from the bedrooms.
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Thought I'd thank everyone who commented. We decided to put the laundry near the bedrooms.
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All About Closets
Don't worry about floor loading. Assuming your are not on a slab your refrigerator on the first floor does not need support. If a person weight 200 lbs stands in one place it is about 200 lbs per square foot. If you put 20 gallons of water in a washer the water weights 160 lbs plus the machine will weight less than 200 lbs per square foot.

Upstairs is a good choice for the washer/dryer. Please look into QuietRock. Place that in the laundry room and you won't hear a thing.
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