January 21, 2013
Great setting, is that pea gravel under the furniture? Also, what is used as the base under the pea gravel?
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Shapiro Didway
Pea Gravel would not be a preferred walking surface. It reminds me of walking in sand as it rolls under your feet and never compacts well. It is better suited as a drain rock.

Standard 1/4" gravel crushed (angular) was used at depth of 2" on top of a base rock installation of 3/4" crushed rock at a depth of 4". Important to install a non-woven (aka spun bonded) soil separation "landscape fabric" fabric between soil and base rock so that the 3/4" gravel does not get contaminated with soil which can cause settling and drainage problems down the road.

When selecting your gravel surfacing, be careful not to use 1/4" minus or anything with minus if you can avoid it. Minus contains fines which have a way of tracking onto other surfaces where you don't want it, such as your hardwood floors inside. Also if minus is part of the base such as the 3/4" that we used here, it will not drain as well since there will be less void space for water movement and storage.
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What are the tree in the background? How far apart are they planted? How tall do they grow?
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Shapiro Didway
They are Arborvitae, planted 2' on center. They grow to about 15' tall.
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Urban Landscape
This setting looks perfect. What is the stone used for fireplace and what is the height as well?
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Latashia Jackson
How long does it take for an arborvitae to grow 15' tall? I currently have some that are 2' tall.
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Pebble Tile Shop
You could achieve a similar look as this floor by using pebble tile as well. Great outdoor space!
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