Need suggestions on our downstairs living, dining, and Kitchen area.
Tim Hoskins
January 22, 2013
Just wanting some general ideas of what we could do with this space. The fireplace causes the TV to really only look right in one place. Thinking of painting the kitchen cabinets a sort of very light blueish green color maybe just leaving the top cabinets white. We just feel in general that this area is really bland and can't really pin down a specific style top go with
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Ironwood Builders
The fireplace is blowing away the rest of the room. It needs to be toned down or balanced by additional furnishings or cabinetry. Shelves either side, painted to match the kitchen, paint the brick a uniform but contrasting color, make the mantle stretch out to hit the shelving...and get that TV put away. Add some chairs for a conversational grouping and light a fire.
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movenready properties, LLC
I'm not sure where your tastes reside but I would suggest that you lose the old school brick on the fireplace and update with some tile. It's not all that hard to do and can be affordable with the right tile choice. You can't put the TV away...the Super Bowl is coming! Hang it on the wall and get it off the floor so it doesn't appear to take up so much space. You may want to consider taking down some of the upper cabinets in the kitchen to give it a more open fell to the family room. Good luck and have fun.
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JMT Builders
Paint your brick white, beef up the mantle and add built-in cabinets on either side. The brick and trim in the room should all be the same color. Try "Creamy" by Sherwin Williams or "Snowbound" by SW.
Place the TV in one of the cabinets or over the mantle. Flip the sofa to the other side of the room and add a sofa table behind it. Add two more chairs with a side table and lamp. I would also swap the coffee table for something larger to create a conversation area. A large fireplace screen would be nice on the hearth. I would move the potted plants off the hearth and use a pretty basket with kindling or blankets. Your cabinets look like they are in good shape. I can't zoom in very well on the image but it looks like you have two finishes on the hardware. I would match it all to ORB. Also, I would paint the wall color in the living area instead of painting the cabinets. Try "Gray Mirage" by Benjamin Moore or "Escape Gray" by Sherwin Williams.
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JMT Builders
I agree that it would be nice to loose some of the upper cabinets if you can afford to give up the storage space. It would open the entire room. If you were getting into that sort of dust flying and you choose to make a change on your counter tops you might consider dropping the bar are to counter height. It make for a nice level work area and it would open the room.
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Tim Hoskins
The TV will not be moved. So try to help me without getting rid of the TV. The only option I can see for moving the TV is having a custom job done and mount the TV above the fireplace. I am also not removing the cabinets. We would lose too much storage. I would really like ideas to leave the TV where it is. I was thinking of a corner Entertainment center. Not really sure though still need help.
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I feel your pain. I have pretty much same dilemma regarding the tv. Over the fireplace will only be comfortable if there is plenty of distance between it and the sofa so you can watch tv without holding your head back. My brick is almost identical to yours and my walls are Benjamin Moore "Clarksville Gray" which adds color and keeps the brick wall from "jumping out" at us so much. I didn't paint the brick because it might be a problem when selling later. I used Benjamin Moore's Lancaster White on the ceiling and woodwork. Just a thought- you might try moving the television to under the bar if you don't really use that area and placing your sofa in front of the window. Add a couple of chairs (swivel) and then the television isn't the obvious focal point but anyone eating at the table can watch their shows too. A friend of mine has her family room set up like that. Downside, people walk in front of tv. Upside, kids eat their cereal at the table and not in the floor! Good luck.
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I'd drywall over the brick and build out the fireplace a bit, then tile it. You can also build shelves on either side. Attached is a photo our our fireplace where once stood just an empty brick wall. We had this done by carpenters and they did a great job. All the wiring is inside of the drywall. Be sure to have the workmen do this for you or it may never get done if you wait for your husband to do it. :)
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Ironwood Builders
So Tim, that last was a snap, yeah? When I said put the tv away, I meant it could go on the shelving beside the fireplace. Have the cabinetmaker install doors and a pull out rack for easy viewing. Make the opposite side match, increasing your storage. Updating the kitchen stuff is up to you...I won't add to your asked about the living room. Unless you are really just short of being a are looking at having someone else do the custom work. Cabinet work is finicky stuff. But in the grand scheme of things, the project will make or break by the built-ins. The furniture? You can do that one piece at a time, adding to your collection and reworking the space as you grow into it. Cheap won't get this done well...we say you can have it three, fast and crappy...high quality, fast and expensive...high quality, less expensive and slow...notice that quality costs more every time? You pay for expertise and experience. So you need to take the plunge...get a design, get some pricing and you invest in the tools and materials to do it yourself or do you pay someone to do it now?

And lose the ceiling fan, OK? It doesn't work with anything in the room, doesn't give good light and your ceilings are low enough that it doesn't do much to move the air. On hot days, use a floor fan.

Remember, you asked the question...we just give opinions.
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