Having trouble with my dining room
January 22, 2013
Just moved a couple of months ago and this is as far as we've gotten to decorating this room....not very far, right? Please help with any ideas of how we can make this part of the house better.
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Is it connected to the kitchen? What does that look like?
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It is connected. This is the other side of the island that's showing in the previous picture.
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Judith Taylor Designs
Let's start with some window coverings. Side panels would add some needed warmth. A hanging pendant or chandelier will fill out the volume giving interest to the table area. It looks to me like you could use an area rug and some artwork. Best advice I can give is to take your time and look for things you love - especially artwork. This will influence the palette as will drapes so start with one of those. Have fun!
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thanks!! those are great ideas. I'm thinking about red drapes although ive never been that bold with color before.
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Beautiful floors and love the cabinets and your table. I would definitely do floor to ceiling drapes in a pattern with color. You could use some great art on the wall between the kitchen and window wall. You could even do fun graphic art or framed posters if you wanted to go casual. Not sure if interested in painting the walls. If so, would take a color from the drapes or art. An area rug, perhaps in a solid color taken from the drapes or art.
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movenready properties, LLC
Great space! Have you thought of adding wainscoating and a splash of color to the walls? Floor to ceiling curtains would also be nice.
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the floors are multicolor browns, the cabinets are a brown as you can see, our appliances are stainless steel, and our tables are a black brown (ikea's color)....I've thought about a very light grey for the walls, or something in the light brown family...thoughts on color?

Thanks thus far on the suggestions/comments!
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I think a light gray would work well, or a light gray green. Certainly check all colors against what exists in the kitchen. Think I would get the drapes first and other items - then the paint color last.
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Eden Clark of VEDA Design Group
I agree with Judith! It needs warming up, so think texture and layers. A pendant lamp would add some volume and interest to the room -- if you don't want to spend money on wiring (i.e. there's not an existing centered light above the table you could adapt) then you could opt for a candle type pendant, there's plenty of contemporary choices. See attached pic... and so to avoid messy wax you can buy battery-operated candles, ones with remote controls (just google it, lots of stores sell them). An area rug would be great, as would adding pillows to the chairs - either on the seat or small ones on the back for perhaps the two ends chairs.

To give the room more interest - budget permitting - you could also try swapping out the two end chairs for a different style chairs, something upholstered, or more unique. It makes it more personal and fun.... you can try Craigslist, garage sales, etc for some neat options.

It's hard to tell if there's room, but you could opt for a skinny console table (12" - 18" deep) on that left side, it would add some interest and a place for some great art objects, above which I'd place a big round mirror to reflect the window (depending on the view outside of it?) and the lighting at night from the candles. A round mirror would also give softness to all the hard edges / lines you already have.

On that note... if its too squishy for a console, you could splurge a bit (or again Craigslist or eBay is great) on a large mirror -- like 6' tall x 3' wide. You could either sit it on the floor and lean it against the wall (but depends on room) or hang it, but it should be significant in size or else it won't have enough impact.

I've attached a few pics -- the room styles may not be right for your look, but they're more for placement and ideas.

Hope that helps! :)
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I totally wish I could bring you all to my house to help me, but this has been great from afar! So excited to get working. Eden, the room is oddly shaped (in fact, the whole house is, but I digress) on the left side there is room for a skinny buffet table or cabinet or so. I do have cushions on the chairs, but in front with the bench i do not. I love the star mirror in the picture you sent. The area rug was something I was sketchy about prior to posting the pictures, but I feel more comfortable with the idea with the consensus that it's much needed! This is awesome. Thanks again.
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I don't think you have room for an area rug as it must be 4' longer and wider than your table and that will eat up the floor. Consider a floating buffet though. It could be hung kitchen side of that outlet.
West Chelsea Loft
A.P. House
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Committed Photography, Inc.
I would agree, adding some color to the walls is not a bad thing at all. Try the below link if you are looking for some art. Everything is custom built so you are able to choose the size, material and framing.
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