Help: Ideal appliance layout for mid-size wet bar?
January 22, 2013
OK, so I'm losing my mind trying to figure this out and could really use the advice of Houzzers. We have a two-sided, 79" wide wet bar/butler's pantry in our remodeled home. I'm struggling to make it accomplish all we want (or really are lucky enough to have - I want to be clear that this is a luxury and we realize it!) in the space.

On the one side, we have a window, under which we'll put a sink. For under counter cabinets, we'll have trash and then we actually are putting in a 24" Bosch dishwasher. One upper cabinet.

It's the other side that's making me pull my hair out. We have a 79" across that side. Deep enough to have doors open.

We drink wine with dinner parties; hubby drinks bottled beer. We do mixed drinks when we entertain but not planning our whole world around it. We do throw fairly big parties - realistically we can't accommodate all drinkers here but I'm trying to avoid buckets full of beer and soda after we invest this much! And, I should add that we are not wine connoisseurs - we pretty much drink what we buy.

So, options we've identified are:

1) Use the wet bar to do wine and mixed drinks, store beer elsewhere. SO, that would be a dual-temp (?) 24" wine cooler and 15" ice maker in the bev center undercounted, then a bev center for beer / soda, likely under the island in the kitchen? Attractive to hubby b/c beer is closer to family room and is "his" - no one messes with it unless he gives them permission. Not ideal if we're entertaining and people have to "find" the beer/soda b/c it's not in the wet bar?

2) Some sort of dual/french door/modular option that does both beer and wine but is less than 36" (I lean away from one single 24" that does wine and beverages/beer b/c you end up with not a lot of storage of either.) If we have this and an ice machine, we really kill the storage undercounter which is less than ideal? But maybe better for entertaining b/c beer and soda all together?

3) The spendy option: Go with a GE Monogram 30" Fully-Integrated Wine Refridgerator (top), freezer/ice machine drawer (eliminates ice machine,) and then the convertible drawer on the bottom (beer/soda/mixers.) Leaves about 40" left in the whole wet bar area.

I'm sort of desperate to make this decision and losing my mind over the options so I'd love to hear from you?

- Do you suggest having all wine & beverage together?

- Or does anyone have the beer/bev separated from the wine and suggest/prefer it?

- Do you think I'm better with more counter vs less counter (but all in one storage)?

Please - I'd welcome your help! I'm uploading the cabinet / layout plans for the various options. THANKS THANKS THANKS in advance!


FIRST ATTACHMENTS are the undercounter plans - 24" wine cooler and ice maker in wet bar, bev center for beer in island in kitchen. I think we're killing the "grid" for red wine though - rather have storage and a dual-temp wine cooler???
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OK, here's the GE Monogram option and how it changes the whole space. The only note is that the cabinet designer still has the ice maker in this layout but there's ice in the GE Monogram.

Model is this one - ZIW30GNZII GE Monogram® 30" Fully Integrated Wine Refrigerator:

Takes up a lot of storage and is super expensive - is one-stop storage a good thing? Or will it be too hard to get at if people are actually in there, and I'm overspending?

Here are the plans with the GE Monogram Wine Refrigerator!
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Oh, bugger, forgot the actual cabinet dimensions for the first plan - here it is, sorry!
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Last comment - this is the "combined" option we were consider, but if we do this and still want an ice maker, we've virtually eliminated ALL storage on this side of the wet bar? This one is 36" wide, slightly narrower would be better but I don't know that 15" each is really that useful.

Or maybe I'm overthinking it and this is the better option?

I'm guessing that we eliminate the bev center in the island then...? Don't have a cabinet layout for this b/c I'm only just considering this now...?

ONE quick thought as I type would be that I could move the ice maker from the wet bar on that side to the kitchen (where the bev center was originally?). Pro: Creates more space in the wet bar; Con: then there is no ice in the wet bar and the sound of the ice machine is in the kitchen vs the somewhat separated wet bar?

Bummer is that the wine section of this is only single zone - my red wine is stuck somewhere else?
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