Help me design a front porch!
January 23, 2013 in Design Dilemma
We bought our house with, a very bland facade, 3 months ago. We need a front porch for aesthetics and weather coverage.We really love the craftsman look, but not sure it applies with this house style.
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Ironwood Builders
Tough to do Arts and Crafts on the T1-11 siding. though the plywood will shingle over beautifully..and with a vapor barrier it will be more efficient. Add heavy 2X window and door trim first. A low sloping shed roof tucked under the gutter of the existing roof is about what we will get without cutting into the existing roof to put in a gable. So many details left off that would turn this out...need gable overhangs on the balance of the house....but that requires a re-roof too! So a shed roofed porch across the front with some A&C type columns to support it? Move the plantings out and add some Adirondack chairs, maybe an old fashioned porch swing. Not sure this is helping...
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Thanks Ironwood, re-roof and new siding would all be a part of of the face lift. I'm sure horizontal lap siding would be our choice. I should have mentioned that too.
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How much of a porch do you want, or do you just want an overhang over the door for protection? A large overhang can work very nicely here with a couple large lanterns on each side. The exterior styling seems very "neutral" so it would be easy to incorporate an overhang and with no posts that take up space.

You might also consider carrying the overhang on down across your windows, it could be pulled back to a narrower profile for them, to give the house some balance and weight on the front. Good luck
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Thanks "alwaysdesigning"! I really like the idea of of carrying the porch roof over the front windows, on a narrower profile. Could help the bareness of the big sloping roofline.
I hope to find some example pics. Amazing how hard it has been to find other examples of our house's architectural style.
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Cute house, kind of a contemporary take on an old 3/4 Cape. I would do glass in some fashion. Maybe a sloped roofline? Hard to tell how much header you have over the door. Your builder will have to advise there.

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nFORMAL design
I actually would say it is more of a reversed salt box, but there are many things you could do, including an entire front porch. Arts and Crafts would be hard to pull off without adding a lot of extra details to the rest of the house. Why not continue the contemporary take on colonial?
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nFormal...exactly ! A reverse saltbox! I know the A&C change would have been a stretch. Now to find examples of porch remodels, would a tall gable over entry with a narrower profile over the rest of the front look right for our home?
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nFORMAL design
Not sure if you are going to inclose your porch have it open, but for ease of construction and keeping with the simple lines of the house, I'd just do a simple shed roof structure that stretches across the entire front.
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