Kitchen cabinets and new house concern
iuheather12January 25, 2013
Hi, I love this house because it has a big kitchen and I like the look of the cream cabinets with the granite. I have attached a picture of the kitchen. I don't think they are a real good quality of cabinets though. I noticed that some of them were not hung straight and it's a new house built in June 2012. No one has bought it yet so it makes me wonder why. It does have a small yard and it backs up to an internal neighborhood road. The neighborhood is really nice, has a big green area/park to play in, a lake, and good amenities. It is the only house that we've seen so far that is brick all the way around the house, has a deck, finished basement, and is around 4,567 sq.ft. on a 0.33 acre lot.
I'm not sure what to think about the house. It is exactly what I want, just not sure about the kitchen cabinets and the yard.
What do you all think about the house and kitchen?
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Jayme H.
More pics would help. Where r the cabinets hung crooked? Does anything else seem crooked? Floor, etc...Home inspection should weed out structural issues...Anything on the disclosure statment about any problems?
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Deborah Butler, Brickwood Builders
It is not a high end kitchen but to determine actual quality, you may ask a contractor or inspector to accompany you to look at them. Be prepared to pay for this service. If you decide to move forward, then have a full inspection done. I certainly would paint the wall areas that are built around the island. They are very distracting and should not be.
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Jayme, nothing else in the house seems crooked. Just some of the cabinet doors were slightly uneven if you looked close. I'm going to get an inspection done and have a contractor look at the house before we do anything. I do think that the island walls should be painted white.
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Teal Michel, ASID
You can always have a contractor or handyman rehang the cabinets so that they are straight. While these may not be the best quality cabinets, once you add some furnishings, such as area rug, table and chairs, bar stools, decorative procelain pieces into the room, they will become less noticeable. And down the road you can always replace the cabinets.
A well designed garden with buffer shrubbery will provide you an attractive private back yard. Look to a landscape architect to develop your overall plan. My father was one and I witnessed many of his amazing garden solutions that involved plant buffers from roadways.
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If it's just the cabinet doors that aren't straight, often it's just an adjustment to the hinge that is required.
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There is a nice buffer from the street in the back of the house because it's lined with big trees so you can't really see the road much and with landscaping it will look good and we still have some backyard, just not a big yard, which I kinda like. It won't require a lot of mowing or anything. We are planning on having children and they could play outside in the front yard or the area in the back.I think we could get a really good deal on this house, I just am not sure if we should wait a month or two when a lot more homes will be on the market.
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Twisted Minds Custom Designs
If you look inside the cabinet doors or inside a drawwer there should be a manufacturers stamp and design line category. This should tell you where they fall in line of quality, also look for things such as solid wood construction, dovetail joints, etc. that distinguish custom cabinerty from builder grade. The hinges also should have a set of adjustment screws to level and plumb the doors, installer should have done this before completing but may just need to be tweaked due to a screw loosening due to potential buyers opening and closing to inspect. If the cabinets are tight together and flush at joints then an simple adjustment is all that is needed, but you should definetlly have an inspector or contractor you trust walk through the whole house to access your concerns.
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I saw inside that they are Aristokraft and they are a purestyle laminate. They do not have dovetail joints. They also do not have the pullout shelves.What do most new production home builders use?
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Jayme H.
Likely stock cabinets...Could just be a hardware issue...the doors can be adjusted.
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Looks like a mid-range product -- a step above thermofoil but below custom cabinetry. From their website:

Compound Materials
These materials are highly durable, less susceptible to discoloration and easy to maintain.

Displays the precision of a paint, the durability of a laminate and the sensibility of those who care about creating a better environment - inside and outside of their homes
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Jayme H.
For buying the home, if it's a high demand area for this type of home and u like it and it's a good buy, I would move on it. Where I live, homes sell very quickly and 3 bdrm family homes of median cost are hard to come by. The market where u live is a big factor in buying. If there are a lot like it in your price range and u are not in a hurry, take your time and/or throw out a low offer.
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Creations Nadia Interior Design
Check out who made the cabinets and get it fix @ present owner expenses ( if you happy with the rest)
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Are you buying the home from the builder? I'm thinking the home should still be under warranty and you could have the builder fix these problems.
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Aristokraft is not considered high end cabinet but that doesn't mean it's faulty. My experience with laminate cabinets, however, has not been good; they can warp and peel over time especially above the stove and dishwasher (thermofoil is terrible.) I would look into getting end panels made by a carpenter (or just order them from Aristokraft) to give the island a finished look rather than painting it. Crooked doors hinges can be adjusted, but over time a laminate door can deteriorate and the hinges no longer tighten. If you like the location of the house, that is ultimately more important than minor problems with cabinets. You can change anything except the location! If you are thinking of being there for the long haul you might ask friends with small kids to come and give their opinion on the yard, etc. It's difficult to imagine how your needs will change once you have kids/pets so another opinion might be helpful. I would focus on location first, kitchen second. An inspection will tell you if it is a simple problem or a structural one.
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