Recommendation on having glass doors on a whirlpool
January 25, 2013 in Photo Questions
I'm remodeling my bathroom and would love to put in a whirlpool however my plans were to have glass doors vs. a shower curtain and someone suggested it was a bad idea because of the vibration, what do you think? It's also my shower
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Susan Brook Interiors
If the tub is fixed in at either end then you should not have a problem with vibration. The surround (top) of the bath will have to be flat to have a frame installed on it, the problem you could come up with "if" you have a full sliding glass door is where to locate the faucets. I usually put them on a top corner and you may not have room if you have a track for sliding doors.

Another way to go and i am using these now is a glass european shower screen. It locates itself at the showering end of the tub and some can swing out 180 degrees to go back against a wall so you have a cleaner look to the room. I have found you a visual that may help, these are also "sealed" with a rubber guard so no track on the tub..yaaa. Regards, Susan
January 25, 2013 at 12:12PM   
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Thanks so much for your replying it was very helpful, I'm loving the glass European shower idea
January 27, 2013 at 9:45AM   
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