Need help laying out living room!
carriewazzJanuary 25, 2013
Hello again! Everyone was a help when I was laying out my family room (which is coming along!) so I'm looking for advice now on layouts for my living room. This space is NOT going to be a formal/traditional living room. More a space for the adults to hang after the kiddos are asleep.

The room is 26ft x 13ft with two entry ways and a 10.5ft bay window in the middle of one of the walls (see pics). Original thoughts were to have built ins along the far 13ft wall (opposite the front hallway entrance) because we definitely need storage... But trying to be budget friendly at the same time. After that I'm at a loss. Love the bay window but not sure how to properly utilize. Rug not necessarily staying but would like to incorporate the antique pull cart coffee table. Help! Thanks!
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Check out IKEA wall units with extensions to ceiling.

What activities do U plan 4 the room. A floor plan is important

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Budget being important - I would try craigslist or second hand stores for bookcases - either simple modern ones that you can paint (white if you are keeping the rug) or perhaps one large antique bookcase. I would place mirror across from window - and then organize pictures around mirror on wall to make a focal point. I would either do a couch with one chair or two chairs (rug you have will limit options on furniture - so my suggestion would be get a more neutral rug for the space if you can swing it...Jennifers picture is a nice jute rug...and a good idea..
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A Class Above Home Rehab
Are you going to have a TV in the room? If so, how big and where did you plan on placing it? You could always do a media wall unit on the far wall and focus that around that TV. If I were to design your living room and you had a large flat screen TV, say 60" (they keep getting cheaper!), I would mount that TV to the far wall where you want the built in storage. Having the TV on the wall opposite the bay windows will impede your TV experience during the day because of the glare.

A great idea I saw on Pinterest was to buy cheap bookcases from Target for less than $20 each and then adding crown moulding to the top and base moulding to the bottom to give it a classy look.

The antique pull cart in the picture would go nice on the wall adjacent the front door in the second picture and then putting up wall decor like in the picture above in olldj22's suggestion. I would utilize the pull cart as a bench if it is strong enough.

Here's a couple of pictures of design ideas I would suggest for your space...
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Thank you for all the input so far. Yes, we are planning to put a TV in the room and my thoughts were exactly that- along the far wall mounted within the built ins/bookcases. After that I'm torn... Do I split the room in to 2 separate seating areas (one in front of TV and then another closer to the front door entry?) or keep as one? And still wondering what to do in the bay window space... Ah, this is so hard!
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I'd have a window seat for bay and a sectional facing the TV/bookshelf area
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A Class Above Home Rehab
I wouldn't split the room into 2 separate seating areas, but do 1 large seating area (such as 2 sofas and 2 accent chairs) on a very large area rug centered in the room in front of the bay window. Use nice window treatments (hang from the top of the wall not right above the window to make ceilings look taller) to incorporate the windows into your seating area.

In the first picture is a room that I staged - the living room was too big and the multiple entrance ways into the room, broke it up making a lot of wasted space and a small seating space. By taking the furniture off the walls and centering them on an area rug, it united the room and looked really good. The TV is mounted on the wall from where the photographer is standing.

The second picture I found on Pinterest, as an idea for the seating arrangement I had in mind for you living space. Where the fireplace is in the picture, would be where your bay window is. The accent chairs closest to the front entrance way, and the sectional sofa closest to the far wall where the TV and built-in is.

Hope this helps :)
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