Hello Everyone!
EZ~Honey Do KitchensJanuary 25, 2013
I am wanting to get some sort of consensus as to whether or not you would buy kitchen cabinets from an online dealer. If so, what would help you the most? If not, what is your main objection?
Would buy kitchen cabinets online?
Would not buy kitchen cabinets online?
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Cannot see actual quality online. Online purchasing should be a fantastic thing, it would be helpful to so many people, especially when many are time poor these days but sadly there are too many sharks out there that have ruined it for everyone. You would have to give an ironclad guarantee to tempt me. Online testimonials are meaningless too - anyone can write them, the more glowing the words the more suspicious I become. I am a cynic!!! :)
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EZ~Honey Do Kitchens
I hear ya!!! So glad we have Houzz to keep us honest on the testimonials! Thanks for the input! I am guessing a personal referral would not sway you either (?)
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A personal referral from someone I knew or you knew???
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EZ~Honey Do Kitchens
Actually - from previous customers that worked with me on kitchen projects. I do find that some of my customers want a different contact than myself when they are considering a large purchase and I am happy to accommodate them. As an online business I am always looking for ways to improve my product lines and dispel any doubt. It's an upward climb for sure!!!
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I wouldn't hesitate to use online if someone I knew had used it successfully, recommended it and showed me their project so I could see for myself. Even builders and tradesmen rely on that for business. What someone else thinks is great, isn't necessarily my idea of great either. Some products you can send out samples, which a lot of online places do, but cupboards are more the joinery and construction that is important - how do you put that online???

I am hoping to put a new kitchen in this year and your diligence here would very much tempt me if I were a local. I checked your profile too and your photos look great but not my cup of tea. US kitchens are so much different to ours.

If only the world were honest - how easy life would be for everyone!!!
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Jayme H.
No, but my husband can build cabinets. Really, stock cabinets that people buy are not custom made..so I guess, as olldro mentioned...an"ironclad guarantee" would help convince people, and also testimonials would be beneficial.
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EZ~Honey Do Kitchens
Thanks for the compliment! Sorry to say, I can only ship within the States. Here...Here on if only the world were honest! :) I agree with you on construction so I only sell products that meet certified manufacturing requirements and are available through retail stores.

Thank you so much for your time and all your great input and the best of luck to you when you get ready to do your project!
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EZ~Honey Do Kitchens

Thanks for the input! We have lots of cabinet makers here in Houston too and they do a great job but are finding that even their builder business has dropped off because of the consumer demand for factory built cabinets. I think both types of cabinet types have there place.

Something I would like to interject here - just some food for thought. As a online business, an ironclad guarantee is very risky for a dealer. We are also susceptible to scam artist and consumers who look for ways to keep more money in their pockets at the expense of the retailer. Again, it's the few that makes it difficult for the whole. This might be a good time to blog about this! :)
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Thanks, my pleasure .......... ooops, I get into terrible trouble from my granddaughter, I have to say "you're welcome".

So are you looking at doing retail and online? Retailers wouldn't like that but at least people could see your product.

Just had a thought, do you have any furniture or home expos there where manufacturers show their products and generally have a stand set up with examples. That would be a great place to get started - time consuming but worth it long term.

I really must get to bed but good luck to you too.
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We crossed here but wouldn't a blog be like preaching to the converted!!
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EZ~Honey Do Kitchens
More like informing those on the fence....:)
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