shower trouble
January 26, 2013 in Design Dilemma
i have a small 34 inch wide acrylic shower in my masterbath, ive already tiled my bathrom floor and wall added a granite sink and toliet right after we bought the home i lhide the shower with a curtain. i know would love to tile a shower and enlarge it but my plumbing sits iside a little wall next to the toliet..does anyone have an idea on what a plumbing reroute on the second floor cost? it would be nice to have a shower in the master. as of know its olny being used for the litterbox!! i considered a steam shower for less cabinet or doing a bigger shower if the $$$ is bearable. if anyone has seen these steam shower episodes on bathcrashers or diy network id love your opinion on that as well. no plumber here i n va beach has not a clue about them i also would love any opinions on a glass tile or options for a ne shower to be co astetic to the tile i alredy have on the floor and wall they no longer make this 12x 24 tile so once the shower gets ripped out ill have a space where the shower once stood thats why i considered the steam shower..... help..........Thanks! sorry these are the only pics i have on my computer the tile is vertical on the floor than horizontal on the wall
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dalma darling
Sounds like you have some great ideas! What part of the project are you working on now? I wasn't familiar with steam showers so you got me researching a bit. I found this in the Houzz archives and thought you might be interested in it if you haven't seen it already. Beyond selecting tile for steam showers, it has some good informaiton.

February 13, 2013 at 10:58AM     
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Can you remove the curtains so we can have better pictures of your space and the shower?
February 13, 2013 at 11:05AM   
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Ironwood Builders
Steam showers get sort of pricey, so if budget is s concern, build a standard shower. Steama (look up Mr Steam online for pricing of the base unit) units need to be accessible and take up about a 24"X 18" X 16" space. Hooked to water and electric with a steam line to the shower. They need a remote (outside the shower) timer switch in line voltage. So lots of additional plumbing and electrical...and they usually take 220 for the power supply, so panel size and routing power from the panel to the steam unit is another cost factor. Getting your supplies to a different location should be a non-issue for the plumber. Routing hot and cold supplies up and over and down to the new valve is pretty easy. Drain is harder if it has to be moved, but cutting up sub-floor and putting it back is not too terribly difficult. A good carpenter can have that done in just a couple of hours....with an hour break so the plumber can get in and do his thing....and then a 24 hour break so it can be inspected.
February 13, 2013 at 11:12AM   
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Ironwood Builders
Wait! Is that a window in the existing shower? That will need to come out or be replaced for the new shower. Search discussions for threads about this subject. I've said all this before.
February 13, 2013 at 11:14AM     
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Thanks for all the steam shower info. i was looking at a company called steamshowers for less in Richmond va. They featured a few on DIy network on Bathcrasher episodes i watched a few youtube videos on installation they are supposed to be pre enginerred to put together and all you need is a 220 gfci outlet and the hot /cold supply hooked up I called several contractors and not one of them was familiar with these units I live a few hours from richmond and the company could not recommend anyone in this area for install. So it seemed like an affordable solution opposed to the old school steam shower systems and they looked really nice with teak floor and ceiling aromatherepy and chrometherepy not that id really need those perks but the price seemed great when you weigh the cost of having a showerpan built in with Labour, tile cost and framless glass installed it seemed like the perfect solution but since no one is familiar with the company or installation Im afraid it may seem to good to be true. I have had two estimates so far on rerouting the plumbing ,removing the wall and tiling in a little larger shower. its only been a few days and i have not gotton the estimates back yet. I will still be interested if anyone knows anything about the prefab steam cabinet.
February 13, 2013 at 2:06PM   
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