Tile verses marble in a bathroom
January 28, 2013
I am building a new home. I priced out Crema Cappuccino marble and regular tiles. The marble was not much more than the tile but friends said that marble does not hold up well in a bathroom. What are your thoughts on this?
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Well it depends on whether you buy composite wood marble finish counter tops, then no. If you you get a really good marble counter top piece then you should have no problem as long as you don't purposefully try to damage it.
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Scott Design, Inc.
PROS: A marble bathroom is a very elegant and timeless space. Practically speaking...it can be cut to any size. It can be either polished or honed. A multitude of pattern and material combinations are possible.

CONS: Marble is high maintenance particularly in a shower where there is warm, moist air surrounding porous stone making it approximately 100 sq. ft. of prime real estate for mold and mildew. If you want a steam shower, then you have to increase the size of the generator (and its cost) due to the porous nature of the marble. It costs more to install marble. Any acidic liquid will etch a polished surface (that includes urine). On a honed surface it is not as noticeable. It will stain.

All this said, forewarned is forearmed. There are sealers, cleaners and methods of repair that can be used to offset the cons but all require additional time and money. One way to moderate the shower maintenance is to use tile with marble accents that are complementary to the main area of the bathroom.

At the end of the day, every material shows wear and tear. Just how bad... is in the eyes of the beholder!
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Thank you so much for your reply. I do love the elegance of marble. Maybe we will just put the marble on the floor and a subway tile in the shower.
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Scott Design, Inc.
Consider a marble top, marble main floor, a marble shower floor and coordinating marble trims in the shower (chair rail, liners, Crema Cappuccino mosaic as a border, as well as other possibilities). Also, you may want to increase the size of the subway tile to 4x8. This size "holds its own" when used with marble .
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Nancy Hehmann
I have been in many hotels that have marble and it does look sooo elegant. We just put marble on the floor of a bathroom and cultured marble in the shower area which should prevent the mold problem that scott design speaks of (custom). They really look nice together - it is an older home. And I used granite on the counter top. I love it!
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Remya Warrior Designs
I love the elegance of the marble. I did that in my master bathroom. Like Scott said Marble can be harder to maintain. So we did another floor in the shower & used glass tiles on the walls in the shower. I do believe that marble will never go out of style. You can easily use it in traditional or transitional setting.
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Thanks so much for your feedback. Can someone recommend a subway tile that goes with the Creme cappuccino marble for the shower walls?
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Scott Design, Inc.
Dal Tile has a line "Modern Dimensions" that offers a 4x8 subway tile in both gloss and matte finishes along with acccent trims. http://products.daltile.com/series.cfm?series=231&
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