Seeking Advice on 1990's Master Bath

Richelle BurkeyJanuary 29, 2013
The wallpaper needs to come down and carpet removed. Also looking to replace vanity and a total overhaul of the shower. Not sure about keeping the jacuzzi tub and large mirror.The ceiling is vaulted. I would so appreciate any help. Thanks!
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Main Line Kitchen Design
I'd prefer a single bowl vanity centered - in a space this size. Then the shower door won't hit a person at one sink. With the sink in the middle both your arms will be free to move and not restricted by a wall. Because of the symmetry you could have wall cabinets on either side with moldings. Or you could make the base cabinets open at the bottom and retain the same amount of storage, because of the additional space you get with only one sink. Or add a tall linen cabinet to the shower side of the run for towels and toiletries. Finally you will have a lot more useful countertop space with any option you choose with a single sink. Builders always give people double sinks. It makes it seem like you are getting more for your money, but in reality it is less functional, less expensive. and looks worse in a small sized space.

And add more outlets over the countertop too. There are never enough.
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Susan Chandlee
remove the wall separatinng the shower and tub and replace with glass. Would open up the shower area. Lots and lots of tile options, yu can pick based on your fav colors. Showers now have addtional jet [why?? don't know]. Shower heads also come in many different designs. As well as a hand held shower head. We have a rain shower hear at one end of the shower. The controls are next to where we enter the shower not directly under the shower head. Also we had a hand held unit installed at the opposite side of the shower head. 2nd picture is our bath in progress
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Susan Jablon Mosaics
Hi Richelle!
A tile mosaic in the shower would be a beautiful, high end touch to your bathroom. It could also help you determine a color scheme for the rest of the room. Also, for floor tiles, because it's a bathroom and the floor will be getting wet, it's a good idea to use smaller rather than larger tiles, especially in the shower. They will give you more traction and will not be as slippery.
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Richelle Burkey
Wow, you have each given me some great ideas! Mainline Kitchen, I can see your point, and though we don't have to worry about sharing sinks, I can't help but believe two bowls is better than one for a busy family and for future resale. Susan C., I was thinking exactly the same thing, a glass wall! I like that brick/stone a lot! May I ask, is that more expensive than say, tile? Susan J., as for floor, what material is the most durable, easy to clean, slide-free, & attractive for the buck? I don't want super small tiles. Can you give me an approx size of each tile? Again, thank you all!
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Main Line Kitchen Design
Hi Richelle,

Don't chose two bowls because of resale. As a designer and kitchen and bath sales person I can tell you that double bowls in master baths are not popular in renovations. Our younger customers are all switching double bowls in smaller master baths to singles, for all the reasons above. Builders, Real Estate agents, and the public lag many years behind in their perceptions of what people want.

Surprisingly, even smaller Jack and Jill bathrooms in higher end homes get converted to single bowl vanities more than half the time. Also surprising to many people is that for smaller homes under 2,000 sq feet we routinely are converting kitchens and dining rooms into a single large kitchens whenever it is possible, Builders are only beginning to realize that younger people are less formal and don't want to devote large parts of their homes to formal living spaces such as dinning rooms and formal living rooms.

Whatever you choose to do will be fine for resale, but don't choose two bowls for a reason that is the opposite of the trend. The truth in design is not that everyone wants an Island in every kitchen and a double bowl vanity in each bath. The truth is that everyone likes what works and looks best. Even if they don't know it, when they see it they like it intuitively. And for your space that would be the single bowl. But if you like a double, go double, but because you like it, and not for any other reason.
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Susan Jablon Mosaics
We carry a tile that has a special anti slip texture that comes in white, black, brown, gray, blue, red, orange and green. It's a 1 inch tile, but you could use it only for the shower area if you're looking for larger tiles for the rest of the flooring. If you'd like to call and speak to one of our designers, we would love to help you and give you some suggestions about which of our tiles would work best for your needs.
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Red Carpet Construction and Remodeling, Co.
I would open up the shower wall and use a glass shower surround. It will really open up the space and make it appear larger. I would get a really good looking shower head and/or jet system and use decorative tile. I agree that the wallpaper needs to come down and with fresh paint, a new vanity, countertop and tile floors I think the space will look amazing. You may be able to reuse the tub and toilet depending on the condition that they are in. I would get rid of the large mirror and replace it with 2 medium sized, framed mirrors - you could even incorporate a medicine cabinet into it like the picture attached that we custom made for one of our bathroom makeovers. Then with a new light fixture and accessories you willl have an amazing new space.
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Granite Transformations
I'd recommend going with something like the image I've attached. The double vessel sink would be a great fit for this space and you don't have to remove the vanity, you could simply reface it to save money. You can learn more about cabinet refacing here-

I'd recommend new tile 12x12 for the flooring and a stone tile for the shower walls like the image attached.

You should consider painting the walls an earth tone once you have the wall paper removed as well. The last thing I'd recommend would be granite counters for the bathroom vanity. I think our Terra Di Siena would be a great fit. You can see it here-

Good luck!
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Susan Jablon Mosaics
If I can be of any help to you please let me know how! Susan
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Post from 2013.
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