I'm confused and hope someone can help re engineered wood flooring.

Diann DevineJanuary 29, 2013
We are redoing our living room/dining room. I wanted to get hardwood floors installed, but contractor says it can't be done because the height needed would cause problems opening our existing doors which we don't want to replace. I've been looking for engineered wood products and trying to find one that won't dent or scratch too easily. I would like to get a 3" rather than 5" because we want a more "colonial" look rather than a "farmhouse" look. Also, contractor said to get a "click N lock" floor, nothing that needs glue or nails. Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated! Has anyone installed any that they've had for a while, and still love?
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Ironwood Builders
Diann, just got over to "Other". Questions get answered faster on dilemmas. But here goes. I assume your contractor doesn't want to cut your exterior doors? Because that is the only thing I can think of that would make a bit of difference. Most exterior doors, even on really old houses have a threshold, a bump that the door seals against. They put that in so people can carpet or tile or hardwood right up to the door. Cutting off interior doors is basic carpentry and done every day of the year. Non issue. Do you live on a concrete slab home? If so that could be the reason the contractor wants to use a click lock type floor. But engineered floors are not required over wood subfloors...plywood or regular boards, depending on when the house was built. Look for another flooring specialist and get another opinion. Not sure you trust this guy. You need to feel good about the people working in and on your home. Find someone you feel you can trust.
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Diann Devine
Hi - Thanks for your comment. My front door is fiberglass. It can't be cut. It was expensive. I'm looking at Bruce by Armstrong. They have a great looking engineered product. Think I might go with that.
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Diann, we have engineered wood flooring in our house, 3". It's new, so we've only had it for 5 months, but I still love it. We're on a concrete slab, so definitely not nailed, but could be glued. Honestly can't remember, though I came in and watched some at they were installing it. Like any wood floor, they do scratch and dent, as hubby has proven, and they can only be sanded and refinished a couple of times at most. Still very happy with it, though I would have loved to have had solid hardwood instead.
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Diann Devine
Thanks for your comment. Do you happen to remember the brand you chose? We're leaning toward a product by Bruce manufactured by Armstrong. They have the "click n lock" and it comes in 3" which we like the look of for our house. It's mainly my husband and I here and we don't have any dogs or kids, so, hopefully we won't experience too many "mishaps" although I'm sure it's bound to happen. Sometimes dents and dings make wood floors looks better -- gives them more "character". Again, thanks for your comment! Diann
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Sorry, I don't remember though I THINK it was Armstrong. We ordered ours through Georgia Carpet and bought flooring that were 'imperfect' ( and less expensive ) which fit with our house, which is very rustic. We have some minor scratches that are under the office chair and a couple under dining table chairs before I put on those little felt pads. No kids at home and only a small dog. Our only major gouge was caused by hubby insisting on sliding a heavy armoire instead of waiting for help. Those boards are going to have to be replaced at some point. Make sure you have an installer that guarantees their work. I hate it when you have an issue and the mfg says it's the installer's fault and the installer says it's the mfg's issue.
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Diann Devine
Great advise! Thanks. Where do you live? We are in the city in Philadelphia. We have a very old Federal style home, so the thinner boards are more in keeping with the style of house. The cost is a bit more than I thought it would be, but, isn't it always when you're doing home improvements?? I love rustic old homes - like farm house type - but that's not what we have. I've used this installer on many other home improvement projects. He's very good. Thanks again for your comments.
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Lumber Liquidators
Hey Diann! If you're interested, we have some engineered easy click floors that you can check out on www.lumberliquidators.com. You can do a custom search for sizes, prices, hardness ratings, etc. to find exactly what you need. "Schön Engineered Quick Clic" is one of the brands we carry that click together. Good luck!
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I am in South Carolina. What a gem you have with a very old home. What year was it built? Everything always costs more than you expect. We built our home last year and hubby is a contractor, but still the prices of things floored us. Good luck with your renovations! Let me know how you like your flooring when you get it!
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Diann Devine
Hi! How lucky are you to have a husband who is a contractor! My husband is great, and good with some stuff, but we usually have to hire people to get work done on our house. The house was built in around 1869. It was originally a grocery store with living area up stairs on 2 additional levels. As a child, my husband used to come to the store to purchase milk and bread for his mom. The previous owners converted it to the private residence in around 1960. My friend found a photo of our house as a grocery store from around the 1930s. It was then called "Max's Fancy Delicatessen". Old Max is standing outside next to an old fashioned soda chest. We purchased it in 1979, and have been doing renovations as we could afford them. Last year we had our kitchen remodeled, and this year the living room/dining area.

We did purchase our flooring yesterday! We caught a great sale at Avalon Flooring. We got a product made by Mohawk that is a click and lock brazilian cherry. Original price was $7.99 sq. ft. and we got it for $3.99, 50% savings! It's beautiful stuff. I'm very excited! Thanks again for your comments. Diann
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Wow, what a treasure! Love a home with history and that photo and your husband's memories makes it even more special. Congrats on the great floor purchase! Brazillian cherry is absolutely gorgeous. Post some photos when you get it down. I know you're going to love it.
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