Kitchen layout - structural wall removal?
RachelJanuary 30, 2013
When I bought my cute 800 square foot bungalow, I knew the kitchen would be a problem for resale - its awful! I want to tackle it early so I can actually enjoy a new kitchen. The 24" stove is in the middle of a wall blocking counter space and storage, there is only counter on one side of the sink, and there are three doorways AND a window in the kitchen.

Also, when I have guests over, everyone either sits in the living room and I'm completely cut off from everyone, or they all congregate in the kitchen and mostly get in the way.

I have attached some floor plans of the space. The first picture is the current layout.

The second picture is the floor plan with dimensions (its pretty much to scale - all dimensions are given in inches).

The third picture shows what I am considering...taking out the structural wall! There would then be a beam running along the ceiling, and possibly a couple posts under the beam (denoted by the dotted line). I am then thinking of switching the kitchen and dining areas. (Unfinished laundry room below so plumbing and electrical will be a cinch).

Wall removal (drawings and the actual removal - this is not something I want to tackle myself!) will cost about 4-5K and I can't figure out a way to make this work otherwise. However, I've talked to some experts and its within budget (but everything else will be really tight or done in stages).

My questions...(drumrollll)....

1. Does anyone have any bright ideas that do not require structural work to make the kitchen footprint work?

2. If I do remove the wall, I'm worried about traffic flow and kitchen layout, and what to do with my long narrow living room!

3. the back left window extends below counter height so if I want to put cabinets along that wall, there will have to be a creative solution. If I replace the window with a smaller window that matches the other window currently in the kitchen, I think the outside might look funny because its virtually impossible to match stucco.

I have a good feel about colours, faucets, flooring, lights, etc etc....but I'm worried that I might take out this wall and end up with a big open space that doesn't work! I'm stressing about the floor plan because I feel I need to have a fairly solid plan BEFORE I take the wall out.

Appreciate any and all ideas!

(also, does anyone know a good engineer/contractor in the Ottawa area? Efficient and budget friendly)
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One option you could take out one of the walls and make it a peninsula so that you could still utilize storage underneath but have a clear eye line into the other room. The peninsula could hold the sink or stove also. It would also allow for additional seating.
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couple more photos
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And finally here are the living room/dining area pics. Sorry for there being so many, but it'll all be connected if I go open concept!
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Dezign Studio Inc
See if this would work. The sketch is not in proportion, but hope it works.
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Katie - I can't figure out how to make a peninsula/island work....if I take out one wall, I will lose more than half my cupboard space and I'll still have to pay to take a structural wall out. If I block off a door way, its a really long way round to get to the dining area or from the back to the front door.

Dezign Studio Inc - I really appreciate the sketch. I can see the layout you suggested for the living room, but I can't really see what's going on in the kitchen/dining room area as the picture doesn't get bigger and I can't sharpen the picture enough to see properly. Would it be possible to re-load the the sketch? thank you!
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Dezign Studio Inc
For the dining area , there are 2 options. Again sorry, the sketch is out of proportion.
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Dezign Studio thanks for the sketch. So basically I'd close the door opening off and make that cabinetry right the way across. Do you think that would negatively affect foot traffic or impede the living room area?
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Here's a thought. The space where just the dishwasher is could be open to the livingroom if you wanted it that way. I couldn't tell what was above the closet in the hallway. Washer and dryer? Hot water heater? Could these be placed in the cellar? This configuration will preserve the bearing wall.
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Take out all the walls. Move your kitchen to the dining area. L shaped kitchen from the fireplace to the stairs- stop 5' or so from each. Anchor the ends of the counter with a pantry unit at the fireplace end and your fridge by the stairs. Then put an island in with seating. Not sure of dimensions but you get the idea. Try to keep 4' min between the island and the counter. Windows lower than the counter make good plant nooks.
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Eagledizines - what an interesting idea. The closet in the front hall is just a closet...for hanging coats and whatnot. IPutting the kitchen in that location would make the renovation more challenging because the basement is finished under that area but definitely out of the box thinking! I hadn't considered moving the kitchen to the front of the house.

Suziepaulsen. Were either of these layouts what you had in mind? Do you think the table will work in that area with traffic to the kitchen/living room/backdoor will flow around it?

Cool idea about a plant nook. Have you ever seen it done?
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