Need help redecorating unique sitting area.
January 30, 2013
Need help with design ideas. This area is attached to a contemporary cedar log cabin and my husband and I are reclaiming it now that the kids are grown. We would like the room to have a bohemian/zen type feel and need paint, furniture, window, lighting advice. Thank you so much for any and all guidance.
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Sylvia Zawedde
There is too much color, I think a room should have a flowing color theme!
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After the room is emptied and we start from scratch, we were thinking of an orange/yellow pallet for the walls and sills to start.
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first one is an original 70's design,just based on the colors you mentioned,will you put on a pict. of the room emptied? are you keeping the rug,and chairs with the fur, those are very nice goes well with the stone and wood,maybe once the cloth and purple is gone it will be easier to see what needs to change,i think not to much if you choose zen!!
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The first thing that caught my eye was the Haight-Ashbury poster! While I don't suggest you go with tie-dye, I think it would be interesting if you drew your inspiration from that poster. Reduce the colors in it for paint, and for artwork you could frame some record albums from that era.
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What are you intending on using the newly reclaimed space for? Hobbies, entertaining?
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This is a better close up of the room. It is actually the living room of an old mill house which connects to an old grotto kitchen and upstairs bath. We built a 3,500 sq foot addition upstairs from this stone portion of the original house so its really no longer used. We are planning on selling the house soon and am looking to create a space that is soothing and appealing as a unique sitting space. The property is located in an arts colony and funky is okay, but all my unique decor needs to go.
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what a cool space! when i think zen,calm,soothing,i want no distractions. i'd build in shelving below the windows to showcase art pieces as well as books. change the white above and below windows to a soft gray. remove current furniture,posters,window treatments and chandelier. add a very large,soft beige textured(like the new shags) rug.a neutral sofa and 2 comfy reading chairs. solid or very soft,organic patterns keeping it all beige, off white,pale gray. coffe or side table walnut staine or painted black. a crystal chandelier for bling. lots of candles. this house seems great. i hope you'll post more pics.
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Well, if you're planning on selling soon, I would suggest you go with as neutral and basic decor as possible. Buyers like to imagine their own things in rooms they look at and the last thing you want is to have them distracted. Perhaps put a couple of cozy chairs in front of the fireplace on the braided rug. Keep it sparse, don't let them get distracted. It's a very woodsy room, I would follow that with comfortable cozy furniture.

Remove all personal items, both decor and family pics/momentos. A few good pieces of art, perhaps a small coffee bar and just generally a welcoming feel.
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In an artsy community each person will have a different ideas of what they want in a home, so it would probably be best to under-d o the room. That way potential buyers can envision their style in the space.

As you have already mentioned; take everything out. Then paint the walls a soothing green like this: or this: They are considered neutrals.

When you put the furniture back try using cream or beige covers on the sofas and chairs, a green, orange print table cloth and adding orange and green throw pillows. Use your sheep skin throws just as you have done - to make the chairs inviting. Keep wall art to a minimum. Keep the ornage cast iron looking pot. Roman shades on the windows will allow in light while providing privacy if necessary.

This gives a sort of blank canvas look with just a little personality. might want to use a pineapple on the table for a centerpiece when you are having an open house.

Hope you'll share updated photos with us!
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