Need help with arranging guest bedroom due to knee walls.
Terri Rose
February 3, 2013 in Design Dilemma
I have a bed on the only large wall, and the opposite wall has a window seat with knee walls on both sides. Need help with how to arrange TV, lounge chair and desk. This is a guest room only, so no real furniture is needed. I haven't hung any pictures yet so I can rearrange anything. Thank you!!!!
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Terri Rose
Here's the other wall. The cable outlet is on this knee wall, but if I put the tv here, where does the lounge chair go? Is it ok if the lounge chair is on the opposite wall as the tv??
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Hi there, nice room. Any guest would be delighted to stay in a space like this.... don't make them too comfortable or they might not leave :) I think I'd purchase a swivel arm for the tv and mount it on the left, side wall of the alcove. When in use, it could be directly in front of the bed for best viewing and when it's not, it can be flat against the wall and blend in seamlessly with the dark grey. As for the desk, I'd place it in the peeked roof area and remove the small accent table. Perhaps the accent table could be used as a nightstand.
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I think i'd get a sore neck if it were on that wall. If that's the desk, move the desk and that chair into the peeked area, see how it looks there.
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Terri Rose
Thank you...and great idea!! Would you put anything under the wall mounted a furniture piece, or just treat it like a picture? And Is it ok that the lounge chair is not in front of the tv? Unfortunately it's not a swivel, so for tv viewing the back of the chair would be the first thing you'd see when you came in the room. Right now the chair is on the opposite wall. See photos.
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Just to clarify, I was suggesting the left side wall where the built in butts up to. On the opposite wall that that you have the beautiful grey lamp, with the green candle. But the wall your referring to, short one, will work good too on a wall mount swivel. I treat it like a picture if it's getting swivel mounted. I think when guests will use it they'll be tucked into that comfy bed, not sitting in the chair. Just thinking, the wall that has the glass desk with green chair might be a great spot for a collapsable luggage stand for guests to place there suitcase, being just outside the bathroom door would be very handy. I like the chair in the corner, seems to have found it's home there. How big is the en-suite, is there enough room for a chair in there? perhaps make a make up table out of the accent table in the peeked roof area and use the green chair with it???? just a suggestion, would it, could it fit? Is there a closet?
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Sorry, I forgot to add the reason I wouldn't use a piece of furniture under a wall mount swivel, is that there is no point then. If your using a furniture piece underneath, you may as well set the TV on that and forget the swivel mount. I'd be cautious to not overdo this room with pieces it doesn't need. Trust me, sometimes you are actually done, you've hit a home run here and it's okay to stop.
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Terri Rose
Thank you so much for your suggestions! I'll be working hard tomorrow rearranging according to your suggestions. I measured the left side wall of the bench area, and it does have room for a swivel mount and a good size tv. I'm leaning toward that location.

To answer your questions....the private bathroom is large, but unfortunately it's more narrow than wide, so a chair wouldn't fit. And, yes, there is a BIG walk-in closet that also serves as a changing room. This is where I have the luggage rack...and extra linens, pillows and hangers.

The built-in bench also has functional drawers and storage so I think you're right...I'm actually gonna stop on this room after I rearrange and install the tv. Thank you!!! I'll post the final layout tomorrow for your approval. :)
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My pleasure, glad I could help. Can't wait to see the updated pics :)
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