need paint suggestions for my exterior shutters, trim, & door
February 3, 2013 in Design Dilemma
HELP! I desperately need help figuring out what is wrong with the outside of never updated 60's brick rambler? Would it look better without the shutters? maybe without some of them? Can you offer suggestions for the shutter/trim color, front door color, exterior lights?
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I think your home has great potential for curb appeal. The front stairway could be a feature by redesigning it with a larger porch extended to the driveway edge of the home with the stairs meeting a newly created path to your front entrance. The fireplace could be accented with a stone facade to break up some of your brick. Keep the trim white,but paint the shutter a deep brick red to give it a richer look. And don't forget the landscaping in the future. Good luck.
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P.S. I'd remove the shutters on the front door and paint the door a color you love (one that coordinates with the shutters). Paint the panels below the windows the same color as the shutters.
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Interiors International, Inc.
I also would remove the shutters and add much larger trim around the windows. This will make the exterior up to date. Use the same beefed up trim around the doors. The shutter do look dated.
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Interiors International, Inc.
By the way it is a great looking house.
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thank you so much! ive been been looking through paint charts and pictures for dayss... you're right the front door shutters need to go! do you think a taupe color would work on the shutters and trim & aqua/sea glass door?.. if id prefer not to accent the red brick? I LOVE THE PORCH IDEA. We will be in this house forever so porch will be the first big project we take on.
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I think taupe would work well, just make sure it's a taupe that works with the brick . Aqua could work as long as it is a deeper tone. The front door is all about you - make it your fit your personality!
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Taupe sounds nice for the front door -- also, consider removing the shutters and just framing the door in a nice, substantial trim, painted black......replace the light fixtures with big, black iron lanterns, and put large black iron house numbers on one side of the door, along with a chunky black mailbox, simple and traditional....paint the rest of the shutters, and the panels beneath the windows, black.....maybe the raised molding on the panels could be painted to match the front door, and consider hanging either a large black iron trellis, or some other iron feature (such as a sunburst) on the chimney to highlight it, maybe even with a small spotlight on it for evenings. Oh, and paint the railings black.....a couple of pots of flowers on either side of the door and a bit of shrubbery to soften the brick might help.....remove or trim the shrubs blocking the windows......also maybe a doorknocker, if you decide to remove the storm door. An extended porch would be wonderful but pricey, a good project for when you can afford it, but for now my suggestions would probably not break the bank. It's a nice house, good luck!
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`wow, i wish i has posted this days ago to get all of this great advice. Ive spent hours... thinking of a simple plan (for the NOW at least). thanks for saving my week, I would have wasted a lot more time haha!
Clemenza, I should paint the door a nice taupe, and the trim around the door black correct? By painting the raised molding taupe, would this mean the inside window trim would be taupe also? Im going to follow your plan.. I've already starting searching for the black lanterns and house numbers.
An extended porch was my first thought, but I'll have to learn some patience until we can make it happen.
You're great at this!
Cant wait to post the final product
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Gee, I really didn't think about the inside window trim.......I suppose you would go with either taupe or white.......whichever looks best.....a bit of white might add a crisp accent. I'm glad you liked my ideas!
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Clemenza here just occurred to me that maybe you could could seal the'd want to consult a professional, cause I don't know if it's do-able, but I have sealed my brick patio and the result is that you protect the bricks and enrich the color, deepening it a bit. Of course, it's not permanent.....if you wanted a permanent effect you could probably have a polyurethane applied, in the slightest possible satin finish, to give it just a tiny polish. Sort of like conditioning your hair! Of course you should try it first on a mostly hidden patch, somewhere in the back of the house....but it might be worth the effort. And then AFTER that, decide on your paint the brick color should end up a little more red. A rich olive green could also be nice for the door. Make sure to post photos!
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Patty Cummings
Would love to see a picture of what you did, please!
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