What do I do with all these shelves?

schlanger816February 3, 2013
In all white nursery. What kinds of items do i put ob them? How organize all items without making shelves look cluttered? I.e. books, picture frames. The shelves can be taken out and moved to change the height.
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You can hang artwork right over the front of the shelving in some areas. Find a childrens book that you love and tear apart the illustrations~ frame them in ready made frames that have whiet matting ( to pull from your slip covered chair). Maybe the velvetine rabbit story? Then just put small items in - between as your child collects things. You can tuck pretty baskets in some spaces to hold puzzles and toys. But remember that you don't have to "fill" the shelves to have a great look.This is a great childrens room. Many people would be thrilled to have all their kid clutter tucked away!
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I think I would look into putting doors on some sections to clean it up .... very cool to have that much storage space though.............
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I agree ...........baskets would be cool too
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Baskets. Definitely baskets.
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What a lovely room! I would put books and baskets on the bottom shelves and collectables higher up. With some of the larger openings you can layer ( picture at the back, decorative boxes or figurines up front). You might also think about painting the backs of the shelves in an accent colour to make things pop. I agree with the first poster, once you pick a theme it might be easier to accessorize. Classic pooh is also lovely. You might also want to source out antique toys from ebay or esty....they are wonderful collector items, have great patina and will help fill up some of the spaces. Good luck.
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The storage IS awesome....but I might consider the option of taking some of the shelves (higher up) out until you need them. I would be concerned with putting collectibles up top ...because it can become clutter and at some point the little one might start to climb (yes it seems a long way off but trust me its not) So when your child does start to use the storage themself, make sure that you have a proper way for them to access the top shelf....in the mean time, I like all the suggestions about hanging prints from books in front of the shelves. WHATEVER you do....don't take them out as they are a fortune to put back in.... LOL I speak from experience.
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Since the shelves can be removed you can take 3 or 4 from the top (put them away) and hang big poster size children themes so you don't feel that you have to put stuff in every shelf, the bottom part will be use for books and kids toys, later on the kid will grow up and you can put the shelves back.
Another idea is to cover the background with a contrast color your accesories and stuff will pop out you can cut to size paint or cover 1/4 inch plywood with fabric so it can be remove or change the theme as needed. Your child will learn to put everything back where it belongs with those wonderful shelves.
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Judy M
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