Where does the bed go ?
Marie Anne
February 4, 2013
Hi everyone !
I am currently building the house of my dreams, with a great view on the river. As it is modestly sized, we have to plan furniture disposition meticulously.
The bedroom is quite puzzling :

Many windows discouraging the placement of any large item that would be in the way of the scenery outside ;

Two doors which leave just enough space for a queen-size bed to be squeezed on the walls ;

The ambiguity of either sleeping our "back" to the windows, or waking up with the view right in front of us ;

I currently own a modern bedroom set in teak that I don't know if I should put for sell since the headboard is rather big. It is gorgeous and fits the style of the house, but I am afraid it leaves very few placement options.

My boyfriend also thought of changing it for a very low platform that would include a headboard and side tables. We are considering a custom made piece that would fit the dimensions of the room better and have multi-purposes (hidden storage, combined headboard and nightstands, sitting space, integrated lighting etc.). As for now, we pictured it made out of pallets, plywood or reclaimed wood.
The room is 14'3" "deep" (from front to back of the house) and 13'5" "long" (windows wall)

Having said that, should we keep the actual bedroom set, or sell it and have a custom bed built to occupy the center of the room ?
I am conscious about circulation and fluidity in the house.
If we keep the "old" furniture, where should the bed go ?
If we change for the low-platform, where should the head go ?
What are the dimensions that we should respect ?
Which materials would make a nice platform ?
Any other option than these two ?
Your help is precious !
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Marie Anne
Added for clarity, actual dimensions and divisions of the floor
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nFORMAL design
Marie Anne...who designed your house? It is obviously SketchUp. Just wondering if it is self designed or a professional. If a professional, did this person not take into consideration the furniture that you had (if you really wanted to keep it).

What about turning into a "Murphy Bed"? You could fabricate a mechanism or buy some and quite possibly still have the bed.
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nFORMAL design
Just saw the plan on the bottom. Interesting. Probably too small of a bedroom for a King sized bed with the door layouts that you have.
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Marie Anne
nFORMAL , it is indeed sketchup. I asked my boyfriend to modelize the house in order to post my design dilemma on Houzz. Since the house is still under construction, it is rather hard to come up with relevant pictures to illustrate the bedroom.
The house was designed by a professionnal. We took in consideration my furniture ( as it is possible to put the bed in a couple of different positions). However, we are trying to figure if we should stick with it or go in another direction.
Aso good call on the murphy bed ! We just ordered one last week for the third floor, which will work as an independant appartment when we have people over. Check out Limuro.com , they are amazingly clever and versatile !
The pictures will give you an idea on how we handled the second bedroom.

(P.S. I googled your company and must say I am very impressed !)

Thank you for replying !
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Interiors International, Inc.
It looks like a very cool house. The bedroom looks as though the bed area has already been established.
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nFORMAL design
Marie Anne...you must live in Canada...Quebec? Chambre? Haha.

Thanks for the compliments. As someone who has done this many time, I will tell you now, that you CAN get your bed in your bedroom, but with the door placement, it is going to be hard to put it in a spot, anchored somewhere, and not be shimmying around it all the time. I'd probably go the way of a Queen. Just my two cents. The walk-in is as big or bigger than the actual bedroom.

Just set up some boxes with them the distance between where you'll have the bed and the door, and try to walk around it, open the door and move around, etc. It will let you know if you can move reasonably in the space with the bed.
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Have you tried putting the headboard against either the left or right walls leaving walk space on either side and access to both doors? On left wall near the single window. If too little walk space to bath, on right wall nudged toward the sliding door to give more access to the bath. Puts windows to the side rather in front or behind.

Looks like a fun layout. Enjoy!
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Marie Anne
Good guess nFORMAL ! We're in Quebec, on the south shore, so we have view on the old city.
I wil absolutely try the "boxes" trick to move around the room. Fortunately, all doors are pocket doors, so we gain a little in terms of clearance. We will definitely keep the queen size for the bed, no matter where it ends up being ! As for the walk-in, I am almost ashamed to have someone pointing out its size, but my boyfriend and I are both clotheshorse so this is basically a necessity.
Again, thank you for taking the time to write !
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Marie Anne
Interiors International : the sketches suggest that the bed area has already been established, but if you look closely at the last picture, the designer showed another option. We are still juggling with many ideas, hence the post in design dilemmas ! We might be unaware of a wonderful solution.
I have seen so many problems adressed with near-genius creativity on Houzz that I thought I'd give a try and ask readers !
Thanks for commenting !
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Put the headboard on the wall that currently has the one window....I would also consider getting rid of the single window on that wall so you have a nice wall for the bed...if it is an awesome view, why not build an accessible deck off that room.
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Marie Anne
Ssmile : we unfortunately cannot change the plans anymore, as the delivery date is around the corner. We DID however plan a deck off the living room, as well as a rooftop terrace. I might still place the bed to one side of the room, though ...
On the picture, the bedroom is on the first floor, just above the garage.
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