How do you light the void created by a shed ceiling in the living room?
February 4, 2013 in Design Dilemma
Our living room has a 2-story shed (cathedral) ceiling from the center ridge of the house down to one outside wall. It is completely open above - the highest point is about 20 feet from the floor and it slopes down to about 8". The outside wall is mostly glass with some framing at the point where the floor would be if the second floor were floored all the way to the edge. There is a small sitting area in the balcony/hallway that overhangs the living room just opposite that wall of windows, designed to take in the lake view from above. One wall of the living room is the fireplace chimney wall. On the opposite side it it is open to the dining area. There is a bedroom above the dining area and its interior wall is visible from below. My question is how to light the living area. The architect spec'd recessed lights in the living room ceiling and a ceiling fan with a light in the center. My husband took one look at the height of the ceiling and said "how am I going to change those lightbulbs!?" I looked at where the ceiling fan would hang and said it would either block the view of the lake from the balcony above or would be so high I could never dust it. So how can we light the space, other than a jungle of floor and table lamps? We thought we might hang track lighting running along vertical surfaces of the balcony, bedroom wall and outside wall but I am concerned that light from those heads would shine into the eyes of people in the living room unless they're aimed directly down at the floor but that wouldn't reach the center of the room. I am looking for ideas that would not leave dark hole in the middle of the room or block the view from the balcony. Any ideas? Thanks.
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Jeannie Nguyen
Hello, I just saw this. Were you ever able to solve your issue? Would love to hear an update.
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The house isn't finished yet so I'm not sure if what we did will work. We ended up wiring for track lighting to run on 3 walls surrounding the livingroom, at about 10 feet off the floor. We have to find track heads that can be aimed properly and not shine in our eyes. The only other viable solution is floor lamps that arch over into the center of the room.
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If you are still able to add lights during construction, LED lights, if specified correctly, can be placed in the high ceiling to offer general lighting, and bulbs are designed to last upwards of ten years.
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